Vintage Vs Modern Veneta

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  1. Does anyone here own any VIntage Venetas? how do you perceive them? IMO, Vintage items from Veneta are less desirable compared to other vintage items of other high end brands such as Vuitton or Gucci. Do you guys also think the Veneta quality is NOW even Better?
  2. I have a slightly older Veneta, not sure how much older .. but the two differences I see about it are:
    1. The strap is flat rather than rounded, and I really that because it looks very neat, I mean simple/plain.
    2. The lining is black suede, wayyy easier to live with than the light tan.

    I can see how this soft woven leather might not hold up for 20 years like a hard leather bag would .. it is just softer. But that's ok!