Vintage Unpopular ?

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  1. I was wondering - is it me or do the vintage styles (made up to and including the 70s and 80s) seem unpopular ?

    There are usually quite a few of these to be seen on various different auction-type sites and it seems like the same ones come up regularly, so have people discovered them to be fake or do people just not like ...... a) older styles or ...... b) secondhand goods ?

    I happen to like the older styles but am in the minority .... just wondering !
  2. I've been wondering the same thing—especially as I had no competition when acquiring my 1981 Drag.

    My love for the older styles is deep. Here's my latest find—the vintage Rouge H Drag. Now that I have my basic collection of bags, I suspect I'll be going after the vintage styles even more now. They are an incredible value in the world of H, as well as making available the classic leathers that are harder and harder to find in newer bags. Still, so many of them are true purses, which I have less need for right now. I'm hoping that a future move to a big city (rather than living on a farm like now) provides the opportunities I need to justify having a few extra in my closet.
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    I think you either love vintage or you don't. If you want new, untouched, crisp and clean then I don't think vintage will ever hit the spot. If you are prepared to hunt around, discover styles you love and then wait for the perfect piece to appear then you patience will be rewarded.

    Vintage appeals to me for many reasons.

    I love the history. I now own Coco Chanel's lovers brothers Nanny's Hermes scarf, a vintage Jean Desses dress that belonged to a sensational lady who ran off to Paris in the 50's with her married lover - scandalous. She subsequently died after being run over on her way back from the shop where she was buying cigarettes and gin!!

    I do believe that the craftsmanship was better. I had a Birkin that was 12 years old so hardly vintage I know and it had the tiniest, slanted stitches. Probably 35% more stitches than a 2012 model.

    I can't describe the joy that I get when my vintage treasure arrives and I start the cleaning and polishing. Every part of the bag is rediscovered as I count stitches, look at seams, feed the leather and watch it come to life again.

    Vintage collectors may be a small group I agree and long may it continue.
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  4. That is neat that you have the story behind your scarf and the dress as well! I know what you mean about the history thing. I have some pieces that belonged to my fabulous grandmother, and are they things that I would necessarily buy if I saw at auction? No. But it's special to have that connection now that she is gone; I've seen pics of her with some pieces, and to know I have that piece she once wore to a luncheon with "x" long gone famous person, or had with her at "x" notorious event, is pretty special.

    I do agree about the craftsmanship issue. It's amazing to me that some of these items from the 40s/50s I can use today and get tons of compliments on because they have stood the test of time and are beautiful and unique.

    H pieces especially age remarkably well. Part of collecting H pieces to me is also knowing that they will likely "age gracefully" compared to other brands. Hermes has an interesting history itself, so when we collect pieces that have a history all of their own, we are not just carrying a handbag or scarf but carrying on a tradition. :smile:
  5. I agree completely with you cheapfrillnorth!:tup:

    I love a good vintage find and cherish my vintage bags (and scarves) by using them instead of just storing them. Not much beats a good old ardennes bag or a well used box or barenia handbag, they have some true spirit in them. For me the best thing about older, vintage bags is hands own their superior quality. Bags made in the 80s have a completely different feel to them than the bags from 2000s for example.

    And Millicat- I know what you mean. Many older bags are available regularly and don't seem to interest many buyers. I think that the latest colors and designs just have a wider fan base. Many people also want an IT-bag, something which is easily identified and stared at. That's the world we live in.
  6. I love your drag "C"!!! Any mod pics ?

    Im basically a spring chicken when it comes to H... ive just been attracted to it for the past 2 1/2 years and have much to learn...I don't know what kind of "H girl" im going to be... but these things i know so far
    1. my BBK is vintage but pristine.. and i love love it
    2. I am so attracted to the toile/ leather combinations for some reason... I own a lot of leather jackets, skirt, leggings and i feel the toile combinations will soften the look.
    Im willing to go preloved for the above.
    3. I so love hermes arm candy
    4. no scarf for me yet... and when i go in stores, they haven't attracted me quite yet - haven't tried one yet as well... but im thinking an H scarf can definitely make a shift dress - especially tight ones look appropriate..

    Lets post more vintage bags ladies!;)

  7. Thank you, amacasa—no pics yet, but hopefully soon.

    I had another thought about why so many vintage finds might go without new homes . . . It seems to me that lots of people are afraid of Box leather, as well as afraid about Toile—afraid of scratches, afraid of dirt, afraid of signs of use. This might go to cheapfrillsnorth's comment about some people not liking pre-loved items. Still, it's also a big change in what's desired in the H world. It seems leathers like Clemence and Togo are more desired since they seem harder to scuff, and you can't find that in vintage pieces.

    Box (and Chamonix) leather is more and more a you-gotta-love-it thing; as such, it won't appeal to the majority of H lovers.
  8. I'm not an Hermes expert by any means but I love vintage bags and I believe that, in general, the craftsmanship was superior to what one finds today.
    And, now that I've seen your Drag photo, I am smitten and on a Drag hunt :smile:
    My most recent H purchase was a Christine, which was made in the 90's, so I don't think that qualifies as vintage yet.
  9. The problem is that most if not all of the very vintage bags are much smaller than modern bags and they are almost all made of box leather. Most of them fall into the category of "dress" bags too.

    In sum, many people do not find any or either of the above to be practical.
  10. Darling you must also remember that many of H vintage type bags are characteristic and belong to a specific era such as the 70s or the 80s thus they become more DATED shall we say because well trends shift and some never come back. For example the constance it was a typical tambourine type bag of the 70s and for a long time it stayed on the shelf until this style came back by hand of Celine and spaniard Stella ritwagen and so the constance being the original logo tambourine rises to the top once more. the Kelly is having a mega moment every one is reliving the Kelly look and other bags have started to fall as the case of the picotin and the Evelyne and the birkin in it's super size look having said this it's all about timing and what comes back for example the passé guide. A few years back I saw passé guides and never looked twice I will never own one but point is it came back certain looks also depend on what we find Hermes does best for example top handle bags and lady like as opposed to simple flow bags the double sense is not exactly wonderful I mean its not H at it's best but as soon as the oversize st louis neverfull era passes the double might loose its way and become less desirable.So vintage really is about timing but I'll tell you this shops like LUDOT and GEPERT in Paris are surprisingly always out of vintage H !!!!!!

  11. I think these are excellent points. Some of the older Hermes styles were sitting on the end cap of the bargain aisle. It always amazes me when I read that some famous designer trolls the vintage shops for inspiration. This certainly must be true. Of course things never come back the same way, but the essential shape of some Hermes bags has been lifted and used by other designers. It makes me sorry that I did not scoop up a few more Constance bags a few years ago when you could get them at bargain prices.:P
  12. I had never thought about it like that yet how true. Thank goodness I never developed the habit of carrying lots of stuff around or else vintage probably wouldn't have had such appeal.
  13. I agree. That is why it is so important to buy what you like. Carried with confidence and style an old fashioned bag can look fabulous. If carried by celebs can suddenly become fabulous and fashionable again. How fickle we are.
  14. I love the vintage styles, some more than the new.

    It depends why people carry H.

    Many people want to carry a Hermes bag (read Birkin/Kelly) because they want people to know how much they spent on their bag. It may be silly but that's how it is, I don't care, why not, if that's what they need to make them feel good :shrugs:?

    Some people just want new bags in new colours because they find the traditional colours boring or want Togo/CT leather because they want their bag to look new forever.

    Others have a range across the board because they appreciate box and smaller hand held bags like the Arceau but they also don't live in the 1950s so they have a bag like a Birkin in a carefree leather that fits contemporary life.

    Personally, I appreciate older bags more and more. I passed on my (new) HG because it didn't live up to a comparative vintage bag I had seen, made when artisans were not churning them out under pressure. I refuse to pay through the nose for an object that only resembles the original even though it's made by the same company. I don't care if I wait forever, I want the real thing or nothing.

    I think there is a lot of appreciation for vintage bags on this forum, just look at the in the reference section, the vintage photo thread, the ooow and ahhhs over the vintage bags in reveals.
  15. Personally, I am much more cautious with vintage. I keep my items in really good condition (probably a bit OCD at times :blush:), and am always hesitant buying anything second hand because I'm concerned about the state it will be in. Even photos, I find, don't always capture the true look and feel of a vintage bag or scarf.

    I LOVE buying vintage items from stores, but I find it very difficult to do online. I prefer inspecting my vintage items first hand before committing to buy.

    I totally agree with what people are saying about the appeal of vintage items - I have vintage pieces of jewellery that are so special to me because of their history and individual stories.