Vintage treasure

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  1. The Celine box in medium has been on my want list for a while now, but while I'm still saving up for it, I chanced upon this vintage box to curb my appetite a little bit.
    DSC01486.jpg DSC01489.jpg DSC01490.jpg DSC01495.jpg
  2. So beautiful!
    Congratulations, what a lovely piece to add to your collection.
    It looks perfect on you.
  3. Gorgeous color and it looks great on you! I especially love the detail in the clasp. Great find!
  4. congratulation!!! i love this vintage
  5. WOW!!! that's a nice way to tie yourself over!!!!! so pretty!!! looks great on you!!
  6. Thanks pursesuader, lilneko69, seahorseinstripes & in lvoe! Took her out for a spin today! Perfect size for me and can't believe how much it can carry.
  7. It's beautiful! Congrats