Vintage Tiffany earrings


Mar 17, 2009
Pacific Northwest
I have never sold any pieces of my jewelry and have no idea where to go. I don't really want to sell on e-Bay. Has anyone sold their personal items before and how did you do it. I have a pair of 18K yellow gold Pablano Picasso Scribble earrings and a pair of18K yellow gold Elsa Peretti open heart hoop earrings in size medium. Both are in pristine condition. I had them in a pouch of old yellow gold jewelry that I was going to sell to a local jeweler for "gold weight", but when I looked them up online last night I realized that would be stupid as they seem to be worth a lot more than their gold weight.


Apr 9, 2008
^^I would send to Ann's Fabulous Finds. She has jewelry on her site all of the time and moves it very well. I have sold both handbags and jewelry via her site and have always been quite pleased with their service.