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  1. i love that i think it is mark jacob watch, the vintage silver one? but im buying a bag right about now thats just south of a thousand (Love burberry) so my funds are sort of limited, nothing of that amount, looking a couple of hundreds? i like the vintage numbers, and the pewter silver look. any suggestions?
  2. wait i think i totally slaughtered that designer name lol sorry about that!
  3. You are looking for a watch? Yikes... let's see if anyone can help!
  4. yeah ive been searching for weeks, and with my absent mindedness of always misplacing my mobile, i need a watch so i wont be late lol but i also want it to be stylish, im loooking for one with the vintage numbers, in a metalic color.
  5. What's your budget like? Or, what range do you think you want to spend? I know a lot of people are hesitant about using eBay, but I've had nothing but really wonderful experiences there.
  6. yeah lol im one of those but im looking for a like vintage style (male) watch type of thing for a couple of hundred dollars?
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