Vintage-style scarves (?) new

  1. Sorry if this has been already posted.
    Please direct me to the right thread...
    ( I couldn't find any on my own)

    I just came across the vintage-style scarves from the Hermes website.. and see that they are 28 X 28 which sounds sooo appealing since I find the regular 36 x 36 size to be way to big for me and the pocket squares way to small.
    This sounds just about right~

    Are these new or a remake of the old scarf size?
    I only see 3 colorways for 1 style....
    Has anyone else see these? or have bought them?
    What do you think?

    May I ask for pictures?

    I am definitely checking these out as soon as I can.
  2. Besides the three colorways on the website, it also comes with this color. I really like the 70 cm. It's very thin and soft
  3. Thank you Joy88 for the picture. I like that one the most and then the red/pink colorway. I wish there were other designs as well.

    Thanks Tods the thread is great and I've been drooling over the pictures...
    It'd be the perfect size scarf~
  4. There are. There are all together 6 designs in the 70x70.