vintage speedy question

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  1. i was just wondering if speedies ever straps that went around them the way the keepalls have? like in the late '70s or early '80s?
  2. Yes, speedies did have optional straps if you wanted
  3. i know about the optional long strap that you can use to make it a shoulder bag, but you know how the keepalls have the leather "straps" that run around the body of the bag? i was wondering if the speedies ever looked like that?
  4. anyone know?
  5. The french co ones had seems, but I don't think it was leather.
  6. No- the Speedy's never had vachetta wrapped around like the Keepall's do.
    In either LV Vintage or the French Company.:flowers:
  7. I don't think so... I have a small book full of vintage LVs and the Speedys in there don't have vachetta wrapped like Keepalls.
  8. ok, thanks, everyone!
  9. I thought I remembered seeing a strap like that on an authentic one. This was before they started making them with one continuous piece of canvas. I'll see what I can find on it..
  10. Some of the original French Company Speedies had a vachetta strap on the seam along the very bottom (where the two pieces of material were joined as those French Company bags were not one seamless piece of material. But they still didn't have vachetta coming up the sides of the bag like the keepalls.