Vintage Speedy Question

  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    My mom has a Speedy 25 (or at least I think that's what it is) from about 18 years that she has used on and off. Well, she has decided that she wants to start using it as an everyday bag, but the only problem is that it's so old! There's not too many problems with the actual canvas, but the gold is dirty and tarnished etc.

    I'm just wondering, if we take the bag to Louis Vuitton, can they still clean it? Can they make it look new(er)? I remember reading a thread where someone said they had their old LV "refurbished", and we would love to be able to do that. Also, how much will it cost?

    TIA! :heart:

    Edit: I also have a picture of it, let's see if it works!
    Speedy 004.jpg
  2. you can always take it to LV for a clean, it is free i believe.. however, if you want to actually replace the hardware or vachetta, then you will have to pay.. hope this helps =)
  3. It does :smile: But do you happen to have any idea how much it would cost to get the hardware/vachetta replaced?
  4. That looks like a Speedy 30 (instead of 25) to me!

    It's still gorgeous I'd use it as is. :party:
  5. I love it the way it is! I use my mom's 30 from the late 80s and the patina is darker than that..I don't mind it a bit.
    Yours is gorgeous and I really wouldn't want to change it..
  6. Oh so it's a speedy 30? Sorry then, lack of LV knowledge :Push:

    It's not as much the patina I mind, it's more the hardware because it's so tarnished and beat up. But I can see if they can replace it and otherwise clean the canvas, though that's not as big of a deal. Thanks everyone!
  7. If you want LV to completely replace the handles I think it runs about $200.
  8. ^^^^:yes: :yahoo: Yup....I also changes needed. Its the older LVs that really speaks volumes to me. Its perfect the way it is...maybe needs alittle clean up but it looks so regal as it is.....:heart:
  9. Don´t do anything to it, it´s perfect!
  10. I'm definitely not going to change the vachetta, but my mom (and it is hers, though I wear it from time to time!) really does want to get it cleaned and get the hardware untarnished - if that's a word.

    But I like having it be a little older because then it doesn't look like those fake ones with the WHITE handles that never get darker. :yucky:
  11. I think she can just have it cleaned, or you can wipe down the handles with baby wipes & clean up the lock w a brass cleaner.

    I think its perfect as it is though, looks like its a vintage instead of a "new" one or a trying to look like a new one. Its got character. If ever why doesnt she just buy a new one in a different size or in a damier and keep this one as is
  12. LV has a list of prices for replacement parts. I took something in last week and they filled out the estimate before sending it out. To be honest, it was a lot more than I thought it would be.
    That said, I think you should keep it looking vintage!
  13. What's wrong with the way it looks now?! It's GORGEOUS!!!:nuts: USE IT!!!
  14. I agree!
  15. I agree that it is gorgeous as it is................