vintage speedy french co.

  1. hi! i notice some of you girls own a vintage lv speedy by french co, the one with the locks.
    i'm thinking of finding one on ebay, and wondering if u girls can show me the pics so i can compare. and what do you think this bag worth? is it worthed to pay up from 150 for this speedy? i really like the lock though :smile:
  2. Post the links in the authentification thread and we can help you ID the real ones. The FC Speedys were counterfeited also...

    I paid 390US for my FC Speedy 25 and 350US for my 30, but they are in MINT condition.
  3. ok, thanks
  4. I paid $290 for my mint condition 30...It's a great bag!;)
  5. I'm not sure what bag this is. Can someone post a pic?
  6. It's the mono one with the round thingy on the side in the back row next to the black MC speedy:
  7. Thanks love :biggrin:
  8. french co. speedies are tdf! btw, LV_addict, I *love* the patina on your keepall, that's how I want mine to look like one day too :love:
  9. You are the speedy queen!!
  10. OMG!!! Thank you!!! That keepall has been through hell and back!!! It's actually in fantastic shape for a bag that is umpteen years old and has been checked in ALL the time!!!

    And thank you, Sanguar!!!:love:
  11. Any time, dear!!!:smile:
  12. When did you pick up the FC Speedy? I know you were planning to go to an estate auction a while back... :graucho:
  13. I love the French Co Speedies. I prefer them to new ones too. I think it's because they have more history or something behind them. Though, I could just be going through a vintage phase...
  14. Not too long ago. I never made to that estate sale:sad: but my SIL found me one on eBay!:yahoo:
  15. never heard of this speedy before. can someone tell me the history on it? looks awesome!