Vintage Signature Satchel Love

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  1. [​IMG]


    I won this a couple of days ago and I'm so ecstatic :yahoo:
    Never seen one IRL before, all I know is that it is a Special Edition for the Fall of 2004 and that I love her :smile:


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  2. Congrats on your purchase!
  3. Wowwweeee.....Don't lose that tag!!! It looks irreplaceable. When you get the bag, put some superglue on the closure or find some way to protect that tag on the bag. It's beautiful and the owner sure kept it in great condition.

    I just held my breath for a few seconds when I saw that. OMG, it's a satchel too! They really knew what they were doing back then!

    You know, older styles don't really necessarily means less attractive styles. This is a really beautiful bag style and I love the double groove buckle. Once you get it, take lots of photos of it. I am curious to know what the lining looks like--if they make linings back then in 2004.

    Thank you very much for sharing that photo. I love seeing Coach rarities!
  4. Very nice looking bag. Please post a lot of photos when it arrive and also congrats in snatching that beauty.
  5. That is a beautiful bag! And ITA with T-Girl...don't lose that precious 2004 tag! lol
    Congrats and enjoy :woohoo:
  6. Wow! that is so cool looking. Congrats!
  7. Can't wait to see more pics! Congrats!
  8. Beautiful bag, I can see why you are so excited to get it! You have to post pics when you get it!
  9. OMG I am so excited you got that! I have the buckle hobo from the same collection, and the leather feels fantastic! It's one of my bags that I love the most. Congratulations on finding her!
  10. That sure is a beauty!!! Hope you love her IRL! I'm sure you will, looks like original owner took very good care!!!

  11. vintage? it was only a little over 4 years ago haha. congrats though!
  12. Congrats!! It's always an amazing treat to own something so limited! I love that hangtag! Congrats she's a cutie!
  13. Awesome find!

    That was such a fun collection. I got a hobo from it and am ashamed to have sold it on the bay.
  14. Wow, it's GORGEOUS!
  15. I have that one in the shoulder bag in gold and brown suede, One of my favorite older bags!!!!