vintage shopping in paris

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  1. anyone can recommend some places to go too? thanks :smile:
  2. The Flea Markets! They're always awesome- some of them are more thrift-shoppy (but I still saw several older LVs and Diors among the tables) and some are more high-end. I dug up an English site for you:

    They're a LOT of fun- I'm taking my sister to the one at Vanves when she comes to visit (we're taking the train down while she's here), and keep trying to find reasons why I should buy chandelier parts.
  3. What kind of vintage are you looking for ? High-end ? 1940?1970 ?
    From Didier Ludot ( Palais Royal, Paris I , chiquissime and expensive ) to Flea Market ( Clignancourt or Vanves), you have some choice here...
  4. Gabriele, Galerie du Palais Royal, M° Palais Royal: 60,70, very "pop" and colorful.Expensive so not realy a deal but realy cute.
    La jolie garde robe, 15 rue des Commines,M° St Sebastien Froissard : high-end , good prices. 60,70.
    Vintage, 32 rue des Rosiers, M° Saint Paul : from 3 € so not realy high-end but i got there a beautiful Cacharel summer dress for 10 € !
  5. oh thank u so much :smile:
    i'm up for anything... from inexpensive and unique stuff to branded
  6. Sounds fabulous! I must do vintage shopping in Paris some day
  7. If you're after clothing, definitely visit Le Marais. There are some amazing vintage stores around there. I found some really amazing tops for 10 euros. They also sell fur coats at around 60-70 euros, such a steal! There's shops like Freep'star, King of Frip, etc. The closest stations are Hotel de Ville and Saint Paul but do a google search and look at the map. The stock gets replenished every day as it gets really busy so I would advise you to get there earlier during the day and if possible, to go during the week day.

    There is also a high-end vintage shop in Le Marais. The name escapes me but it is near the Hotel de Ville metro station. They have vintage Chanel, Hermes, etc. So sorry I can't remember the exact details.

    At the Porte de Clignancourt markets, make sure you go into the flea markets not just the stalls/shops along the streets. Do take care when you go there though, keep your purse close and take only whatever you need.

    Have a great time!
  8. Yes, Le Marais is a great vintage spot.
    You have also :
    Noir Kennedy : rock, rock, rock, so a lot of black and leather... 12, rue du Roi de Sicile, M° Saint Paul.
    M'mzelle Swing : 36 , rue du Roi de Sicile, A real vintage boutique, the owner have an amazing 40' look . 50',60', a lot of dresses, gloves, hats .
    Rag : 81, rue St Honoré M° Les Halles
    Of course, you must have look on Didier Ludot , Haute Couture Vintage : coats made by Cristobal Balenciaga or "NewLook "dresses by Monsieur Dior....
    Bon voyage !