vintage shop in london?

  1. Hi girls, i am wondering if it is any vintage shop who selling nice vintage stuff/ hermes in london? (like Didier Ludot in Paris). Thanks for any response!
  2. Hi there is decades at dover street market
    there is also another store that sells vintage chanel vuitton and sometimes Hermes in Covent Garden

    if you type in dover street market into google, it should come up
  3. liberty have had a lizard kelly for a while, it's probably still there. they get hermès on occasion, i think they also still have the black cdc belt that has been there forever.
  4. thanks girls
  5. Why would they leave a CDC belt on the shelves:wtf: If I was there I´d snatch it yesterday!
  6. because they want £650 for it i imagine :lol:
  7. is the Decades a branch of the one in Los Angeles?
  8. yes I bought this croc bag and leopard collar when I was was in Chelsea right around the corner from Manolo Blahnik. fantastic store. trying to think of the name.
  9. oh glad i saved my VAT receipts...Steinberg and Tolkien
  10. Steinberg and Tolkien is a very famous vintage clothing store. They very rarely carry Hermes, sadly. I do like shopping on Kings Road which is where they are located. It's a short bus ride from H Sloan St
  11. but they do have great bags and accessories too!
  12. Can any one recommend any other places for Hermes Vintage in London? the Steinberg and Tolkien shop is now closed apparantly and decades doesn't have Hermes at the moment.:s
  13. seriously? :wtf: i never imagined that!
  14. X.S. Baggage Co. is a great vintage shop in Chelsea in the Antiquarious Antique Center, 131-141 Kings Road, London SW3 4PW. Shop Tel: 020 7376 8781

    They specialize in antique Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Cartier, Asprey, etc.
  15. Thanks for that.
    Heading over tomorrow and hoped to see what was on offer.