Vintage scarves?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone enjoys collecting vintage Hermes scarves?

    I'm wondering if I'm not the only one who likes these babies and if there is another source for finding them on-line in addition to LZ?

    oh boy.....I can see yet another obsession starting....:wtf:
  2. Hi,

    I enjoy vintage scarves also. I have in the past successfully purchased from and of course eBay. There is another site but right now I wouldn't be able to find it, let me do some digging, I have it bookmarked somewhere and get back to you.
  3. Hello2703...I just broke down and purchased "Palefroi" from LZ and now I think I'm hooked on these older girls.....:girlsigh:
  4. I worry about buying "vintage" scarves. The possiblities of damages to the silk is so high. Rarely do you find one is really pristine condition. If you are paying more than the current retail for a new one, I don't think that is wise. About 4 years ago, I did find a really vintage pattern that was in the back of someone's closet. I'm not pressing my luck with that happening again. I prefer to hit the Duty Free shops, Neiman Marcus and the H boutiques. If I know the eBay seller for a new one, that could work.:flowers:
  5. Shopmom, Palefroi is just gorgeous! I was tempted to get one myself the other day but had "too many fish to fry" ;)
    Another favourite of mine is the "Armee du Russe" (or something like that), plus "Joyeux de Montagne" which I believe is Clerc's first design for Hermes in 1948 (or thereabouts), both of which I don't own.
    The vintage scarves I own have a wonderful feel to them and there is just something about them - they're very dear to me.
    There is a German seller who often sells vintage scarves, if you are interested I can give you a heads-up when he has another listing and help you with the translation. I also belong to two yahoo scarf groups who are deep well of wonderful silk knowledge, if you are interested I can ask to have an invitation extended to you.
  6. Oh boy, Hello....I'd love that! Thank you! I think LZ has the "Joyeux de Montagne" scarf for sale on their site and it's lovely but very expensive. Too much for my wallet right at the moment.....:rolleyes:
  7. These scarves are amazing - don't have any vintage at the moment but they're cheaper than bags so may have to keep looking!
  8. Shopmom, I wish you could have been to the sale today, some of the scarves were in brand new condition, but vintage, some were re-releases of vintage scarves, and there were alot of new ones aswell, but don't ask me the names...I never remember them...sorry:sad:
    p.s. the sale ones are $192
  9. What? What? a Sale? And VINTAGE????? WHERE? NYC????? :wtf:

    ...oh lordy....:sad:
  11. the hermes sale. one of the SA's was showing a lady and me a few of the vintage prints. they were part of the sale scarf selection, the scarves were not old themselves, just the patterns were, maybe I am making this confusing:sad:
  12. OK, Ava.....I just realized it was the sale in NYC that's in the Other thread! Yikes....I've gotta be more informed!!!!