Vintage scarf twirl........oiy

  1. Well, I'm in a bit of a twirl. Here's the thing.

    I have been really lucky to find a few fantastic vintage scarves which I am completely in love with. :heart: I think I posted them somewhere. They are in excellent vintage condition with one from 1954, one from the early 60's and one from the early 70's. I have them wrapped and safely stored in Hermes scarf boxes and labeled with little (I know this is weird but....) heart shaped stickies on each box.

    I NEVER wear them! NEVER! I'm so afraid they'll get a spot or a pinpoint or a pull. I'm so paranoid!

    I don't have this problem at all with my new scarves. I wear the heck out of them and I don't even try to tie them like the pics in the little H booklets. I just toss them on and go with the hopes they look kinda ok!

    Please tell me I'm not the only one...:s

    Now there's another scarf on eBay that I'd give my left nut (if I had nuts to give) for but it's a little.....flawed. Got a few pinpoints, a tiny spot and a hard to see thin pull. I'm thinking that THIS is a scarf I'd WEAR because it's already a bit lived in....KWIM? Is this weird????? Should I go for it even though it's not in perfect condition? I'm thinking that maybe this way I'll WEAR one if it's already a wreck.........
  2. *thud*<-----------------That's you falling off the wagon again.
  3. I'm telling you,!
  4. If it's a good price I would. I'm still kicking myself for passing up a scarf I saw at an antique store because it had a tiny spot. It wasn't H but was a gorgeous intricate design with autumn colors and little animals/birds. Maybe I could have gotten the spot out? Ugh I should have gotten it anyway just to try it. :sad:
    So I'd go for it!!! :yahoo:
  5. you are very hopeless but they don't call you shopmom for nuthin'!!

    Give the left nut, get the scarf.
  6. ^^^Agree with: If it's a good price then try it out. I have a few vintage scarfs and I just look at them. I know what you mean about not taking it out and wearing them!, but this one you may!

    KEEP YOUR NUTS, that sounds too painful. Are you speaking on behalf of your hubby about the n*t?:shame:
  7. Is it the one I think it is ? That you told me about ? I think it's gorgeous, and if the damage is hardly noticeable, who cares ??:yes: ;) Get it, I say.......
  8. Would you consider framing them?
  9. ROSE.....I don't know about framing......that might be a good way for me to appreciate them though!!!

    DUNA.....I can't remember which one I mentioned to you anymore! Yikes! There've been so many I've seen but haven't done anything about.......

    JAPSTER.....LOL! you always crack me up!!!! I'll bid on the scarf AND keep my nuts!

    I'm just going to bid and see what happens. I don't want to pay a small fortune for a scarf that has "issues" so, we'll see.......I'll put in my top price and go from there......
  10. Thank you, Rose! I would have driven myself whit-less trying to find that thread!!!!!!! :flowers:
  11. Framing them is a genuis idea! Then you can admire them everytime you walk into a room! Do you have a staircase in your home? They'd look lovely on a staircase wall!
  12. Just my opinion.....


    They have lasted this long, they will last longer, too!!

    As you know I collect them, and I wear all of them...the only one I don't wear so much is the Raconte-moi le cheval in the very rare colourway (I do still wear it on occasion, though) and the black & white en desordre...because it gets SO grubby (white scarf + make-up = dry cleaners) - LOL! I would wear then unless they are TRUE collectors items, and not just vintage.

    Ok, as for the 'flawed' scarf you would give your balls for - me? I wouldn't do it...but I only buy pretty much mint condition scarves....I like to do the damage myself - LMAO!!!

    Hope I didn't upset you, this is just what I would do with your FABBO collection!! ENJOY!!!!!!!
  13. And, just how do you think you could possibly upset me, GF???? HMMMM???? No can do, baby!

    I know.....I'm so anal about this and so devil-may-care about being careful with my BOX bags!!!! :wtf: Well, I put a bid in and we'll see what happens. This is a scarf you almost NEVER see come up and I don't think I can pass on it......I won't pay a lot for it though in not perfect condition and if I believe the seller and from looking at the pics, it doesn't seem too bad to me.

    As for using my babies.....OMG! I would have to take VALIUM first.........:rolleyes:
  14. Ahhhh drugs...........LOL!!!