Vintage Scarf Question

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  1. Hey guys, I would love to hear some input from you about this scarf that I would like to add to my collection of gazillion scarfs that I never wear. It is brand new, with tags, older version, comes with Chanel box and all the packing. It is 22" square. Do you, guys, think it is worth $150? - since it is 07P collection and not that big.
    Any opinion will be appreciated! Thank you! ;)

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  2. Anyone?
  3. The value is really up to you and what you feel is a good price for this. It's still NWT, so that makes it new, even if it is not the newest design. Usually there is a premium to be paid for items that are NWT. I have so many scarves from so many brands, I can't recall the current price for small scarves, but I'm sure someone will know. I know the large cashmere ones are about $1000. So, is the silk scarf worth $150 to you? I think the price sounds pretty fair to me, but I'm not the one buying it. Do you collect them just to collect, as you say you never wear them. So maybe you have other criteria that you use to judge "worth." It's all up to what each person loves and how much they are willing to pay for it. I guarantee you can't find a new one for that price, and it's probably made better than the ones today.
  4. I wonder if are looking at this scarf more like a 'bargain' than a scarf that you would really like to wear. I am familiar with that; I donate several bags/year of unused clothes/shoes purchased on sale. ;)
  5. It does go with much of the rainbow (the fuchsia, yellow and orange part anyway), so that's one thing in this scarf's favor! I personally think it's pretty, but again, it's what YOU think and what YOU want to do with it. From your post, it sounds like you have already many that you don't use.
  6. Thanks, guys, for your inputs! I bought it in Nordstrom Rack, thus the dilemma whether I should keep it just because it is a good deal, but I do see myself wearing it occasionally. :smile: