Vintage Sac Mallette

  1. GT, this is for you. You had wanted to see my sac mallette, so here's a pic. This version does not come with the jewelry case on the bottom which is another version I'd like to find. Off all my bags, this is my favorite. It took a long time for me to find one as they rarely come up in auction. It was easier for me to find my Birkins. This one almost became a bidding war.
  2. :wtf: :wtf: i loved that bag since my beginning with hermès that is such a beauty so oldworld glamour. :love: :girlsigh:
  3. I truly love that as is gorgeous...all things beautiful worth the difficulty to get your hands on them!
  4. That's a real beauty HG, even though one has to be more careful with them, it's great to have such a piece of history, I feal the same with the Pullman....:love:
  5. HG - thank you so much for sharing a pic of your treasure! I often wonder about the original owners of these vintage beauties and the stories that come with them I can see why you love this so much!
  6. What a stunning true vintage beauty!!!! You are so lucky to have her and a piece of Hermes history! She's a treasure!!!!!!
  7. Wow! :nuts: Thanks so much for the picture....gorgeous bag!
  8. Hermesgroupie....had to come back to drool over your sac mallette...oh be still my heart!!!!!!
  9. HG, wow..she IS beauuuuuuuuutiful! that is indeed a piece of art!
  10. Isn't the one with the jewellery case on the bottom called the Macpherson?

    That is one gorgeous Sac Mallette!!!!! You must LOVE her!!!!!!!
  11. Kristie, the Macpherson has a Bolide top and jewelry case on the bottom.
  12. you wear her a lot? I'd be so afraid to take her out for fear of something a glass of water falling on her or a capuccino or who know what!?!?!?!

    God, she's one gorgeous bag. How long did it take to find her?
  13. It took me years to find her. I don't take her out much because it would be so difficult for me to replace her. She was in good condition when I bought her, but she was still missing the keys and clochette.
  14. Well, she's very, very special HG. I can totally understand you being extremely careful with her. This is the kind of bag I would keep out on my dresser as a piece of art to look at and appreciate. Probably what I'll do when the Croc comes home....
  15. To be frank, I purchased her as a collector's item, not really for personal use. You should use your Kelly when she comes home and enjoy her, though.