vintage red lamb mini with glued strap

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  1. i thought the vintage ones are stitched?

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  2. ^Not necesarily. Some are glued and some are stitched, depending on the production.
  3. I have a vintage 1 series lambskin mini - and mine is glued too. But the glue is still holding together nicely!
  4. Oh, and nice mini! Gorgeous in red and looks beautiful for its age :love:
  5. I thought so too? Guess I was wrong. Gorgeous bag though!
  6. There are variations. My series 5 black mini is stitched but my sister's series 4 red is glued.
  7. Gorgeous mini!!! Looks like it has silver hardware???
  8. Thanks for the knowledge ladies. It's glued nicely though and it's durability was time tested. It's ghw jaded :smile:
  9. Ohhh ok! It is beautiful! Great find :smile: