Vintage Quilted Tote

  1. Help Girls ......... can anyone provide details/info. on this bag! LOVE IT - but need your help in knowing what to ask for during my phone search! TIA
  2. Thanks Molls, yes Swanky's is more N/S. I was hoping to find it in black, but the shape in the photos --- E/W.
    If anyone has more info. size, good for an everyday bag? please help!
  3. I saw this at NM in KOP yesterday in brown. They might have black as well.
  4. If you want to more pics, go to eBay. There is 1 listed in dk brown. The seller is calling it the vintage grand shopping in the listing.
  5. Saks NYC has the large Vintage Ligne in black. Call 212.940.4347 -- ask for Alex... tell her Jenna sent you.
  6. Thanks everyone! Is it too big for everyday?
  7. wow gorgeous bag!
  8. I love it :heart: How much does it go for?
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