Vintage purses

  1. I confess that I have a thing for vintage purses. Some of the older designs are simpler and beautiful. Also, they cost much less and have a certain feel to it. I know, I know. It is silly, but I can't help it. :p

    I am really wondering if there is anyone else out there that have the same strange liking to the old purses people dug out of 10-20 year old closets or some estate sales. lol
  2. I have been into vintage purses for YEARS and wore them all the time until recently....when age started to dictate that I need my reading glasses all the time, my sunglasses all the time, and other stuff all the time. Thus, most of my vintage purses were too small to carry all of this, I started looking for new purses....this just started a couple of months ago when I joined this Forum.
    The vintage items I bought were of first quality at bargain basement prices (IMO). The designs, materials used and craftsmenship make current purses look like Walmart items.....and I'm referencing bags like Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, LV - don't blast me for this - but it's so true.
    So, you do have a fellow tpfer that loves vintage purses!
  3. Ah.. so good to hear that. I don't have a huge collection but so far I really like the old Fendi designs. Vintage LV handbags are just incredible. :heart::love:

    Sounds like you have an amazing collection. I would love to see photos if you ever have spare time for it hehe. :yes:
  4. would be really appreciated....your collection sounds awesome!
  5. I just won a vintage LV today, Yay! I'm so excited!
  6. I loooove vintage purses! The styles were so much more sophistocated....don't get me wrong, I do like what I see from some designers now, but I feel like many modern bags have so much detail that they completely take over an outfit instead of adding to it. And yes, the quality is always better in vintage than modern clothes. I'm particularly fond of 20s-50s purses...I've had my eye on this 20s metal vanity case at a vintage boutique in my area forever....:love:
  7. That vanity case is gorgeous. Love the color and detail!
  8. love vintage bags. everything old is new again...look at Marc Jacobs especially, he mines the past all the time and then brings it to the present.
  9. Thank you Baby Angie for this thread! It's inspired me to put my Vintage bag collection - collected over many many years! - in the Showcase section!

    Take a look!
  10. I love many of the vintage Chanel bags. I think they are beautiful. I am actually not a vintage lover in general but many of those are fabulous.
  11. Oh my God, I love vintage purses. I have several that my mother carried and even one that my grandmother carried. I have it placed in a showcase so it will not be damaged. It is made of a metal mesh and is so delicate and beautiful. The styles back then were so feminine and pretty.
  12. I LOVE vintage bags! At this point, that is where my handbag interests lie. They remind me of when I was a kid, playing dress up at my grandparents' house with my cousins and how fun and happy it was. That is a nice feeling to carry about with me.

    My current vintage bag "project" is to finally win a perfect condition VASSAR croc bag on eBay.
  13. I don't own any vintage purses now. The only vintage purse I have ever owned was a gold lame frame bag from the 50s my mom gave me as a kid to play with. It belonged to my grandma. I carried that thing with me everywhere. I wish I still had it! I do like to look at vintage bags. Anytime I visit a thrift shop or antique store, I always take a look at their bags. I also visit and check out their selection of vintage designer bags!
  14. I love to collect vintage purses from the 40s and 50s. Especially the Lucite ones.
  15. i do... but i don't really look into vintage "designer" purses. just any vintage purses :p