Vintage PRADA bag...

  1. I had a gift by my boyfriend's mother:a vintage prada bag!!!!!!!:love:
    The bag is old but wonderful!!!:yahoo:
    It's perfect but I've looked inside and I haven't found serial number!!
    I Don't know Prada bag...I've just chlòe and vuitton I don't know if in Prada bag there is a serial number to prove the authenticity...
    My friend said to me that vintage bag doesn't have a serial number: she has got one vintage dior bag and there isn't serial number..
    So..please help me..
    What do you think about?
    :crybaby:I'm afraid....
  2. Post pics..cant tell without seeing it
  3. Now I can't..I'll post pics tomorrow..But what do you think about serial number? It's possible that vintage prada bag doesn't have it?
  4. I would like to know this too! I just got a gift from a family friend.. it's a quilted nylon prada bag with gold chain/leather intertwined straps (like the Chanel ones). It's probably at least 10-20 years old or more I'm guessing.. I can't find a serial number in it either.

    (modema I hope you don't mind me hijacking your thread.. :sweatdrop: I was going to start a new one asking the same question but then I saw yours!)

    The gold rings are stamped PRADA, the lining also says PRADA, and the snap button that closes the bag is stamped "FIOCCHI ITALY".
    The inside metal plate reads:
    Please let me know your opinions.. thanks! :smile:
    Prada bags 003.jpg Prada bags 005.jpg Prada bags 006.jpg Prada bags 008.jpg Prada bags 010.jpg
  5. I don't know the nylon Prada bags at all, and so can't comment on the authenticity of this particular style, but Prada bags don't have serial numbers inside.
  6. Oh...noo!!!!I have some problems with my photograph machine!!!I'll put my photo tomorrow....Amazing Cupcake_flake!!!:sweatdrop: I can say to you that my bag too is about 20 years old!!!It's very different but inside it's the same!!Same material and same metal plate!!:yes: My bag is nylon and leather but is for morning:is big!!!
  7. that's an authentic vintage Prada. seems to be in good condition. prada bags generally don't have serial numbers. (SOME bags have an extra leather tag on the inside zipper but those are rare.)
  8. Thanks girls! I'm not very familiar with Prada so I'm glad you guys are here to help ;)
    modema is your camera working properly yet? Would love to see your new bag :smile:
  9. [​IMG]
    Hi!!! my camera is ok!!!
    this is my vintage bag... what do you think about? i hope you'll let me know your opinion soon!!!
  10. I'm sorry... but i didn't look that those image are so big... if the staff will delete my thread i'm going to sand them again using the thumbnails... thank you
  11. This is a great bag! I like it... what a nice gift you got Sorry I can't tell if it's authentic or not since I'm not a Prada expert, but it has the same tags and interior as mine, and the girls here say mine is authentic, so I bet yours is too! :yes:
  12. I have two prada bags both purchased directly from NM and they don't have serial numbers.
  13. hihihi..I'm sorry if the photos are too big!!!I'm happy that you like it cupcake-flake!!The bag is very used..but i love is not a problem!!!
    Yes is true:interior is very similar to your, I hope is authentic mine too!!!The leather and the structure are good...I hope it!!!!!!!
  14. does your bag comes with the authenticity card? i am only aware of a little small white tag with one or two numbers that is located in the inner pocket of most prada bags. other than that, no serial numbers.
  15. The prada's r isnt curved in. So its abit doubty compared to the authentic ones. Well, im not an expert on prada but im guessing its unauthentic. Maybe you should check at the stores?
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