vintage photos

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    I hope its not already on the thread (agggggh)
    jackie o astrolgie.jpg
  2. Wow, Astrologie. I love the look of Jackie wearing a headscarf. When I try this, I look like a Babushka.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I look like I am gutting fish!
  4. I look like I'm selling fish!

  5. I prefer to think of it as "Babushka Chic." Of course, most of the time, that's how people describe my style (but they leave off the chic bit. :shrugs:)

    And yet, my grandmother used to always keep a scarf tied on her handbag, and when she stepped outside, she'd tie the scarf around her hair to keep her style pristine. Somehow, she made it look good.
  6. I think it still does look good Vintage Leather, I love the 40s and 50,s style
    hats gloves most women wore them then, I just wish I was brave enough to wear them more, I always think the Queen looks so lovely when she wears her scarf like this, I tried it but I do look like I am gutting fish :smile: it might be because I have a chubby face :roflmfao:
  7. wear what u want!

    That's what people call "creating your own style"
  8. Some more photos of Jackie with her Trim;




  9. I love this thread and Grace Kelly's pictures. Just wish that there were in color so we can identify the bag colors.
  10. It's amazing how Grace Kelly's style is timeless :heart:
  11. Jackie Kennedy was such a class act! And......I so agree that Grace Kelly's style is timeless!
  12. I can't believe I never saw this thread - this has got to be the BEST thread on the H forum EVER :heart::heart:

    MANY MANY thanks for the absolutely amazing photos, Lime :flowers:
  13. ^ I'm glad you have discovered, and enjoyed the thread. You are more than welcome. :flowers:

    Here is another version of "Babushka Chic", (haha love this term Vintage Leather) this time on the amazing Catherine Deneuve in 1961 at the JFK airport, wearing a H headscarf, anyone know the name of this style?


  14. OMG! It's Brides de Gala!
    And how young she looks... gorgeous!
    Wherever did you find these, Lime? Fantastic!

  15. Oh fantastic, thanks for the reply. I got these two shots from Getty Images, my friend has access due to her line of work, and she was a sport enough to get me the photos.:heart: And i am more than happy to share.