vintage photos

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  1. i've been catching up on the stars thread and there are some awesome vintage pics -- i thought it would be fun to have a place to collect vintage photos, whether stars or not.

    here's zsa zsa gabor with a croc sac mallette with jewel case -- yummy (photo found by julied)

  2. maria felix, legendary mexican actress and diego rivera muse, with her kelly (lime found this stunner for us)

  3. Grace Kelly:


  4. [​IMG] :love:
  5. another stunning find from lime -- catherine deneuve with a black kelly:

  6. OMG I love you, thanks for making this thread DQ! The name of this thread alone makes me happy.
  7. Princess Grace:heart: These pics have probably been posted but it´s nice to put all vintage pictures in one thread.



  8. FINALLY!!!!! Thank you, DQ!
  9. Princess Grace once again


    Has Elizabeth Taylor carried H, does anyone have pictures? Love her too.
  10. This is fantastic thankyou,
    I just love the way the ladies wear gloves with everything

    This is why I am a total fan of the Kelly , am a real Kelly person.
  11. [​IMG]

    This is just so simple , yet so elegant does this mean I am boring? that I like fine lines and simple?

    I guess it does, she was so pretty and such a tragedy she died so very young

  12. Simple anything with fine lines and excellent craftsmanship will always be chic, sophisticated, elegant and timeless, ARDNEISH. NOT way!!!!!
  13. Exactly. Not boring at all! Oh goodness, was this meant to be a photos only thread?
  14. oh, wow! this photo makes my heart skip . . .

  15. GREAT thread, DQ! These pix are wonderful! :love: