Vintage patent leather bag purchased from PersonalShoppers

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  1. I couldn't get into the new vinyl Coco Cabas (I do have one on the way to me though in leather that I bought from a fellow PFer) but it did inspire me to add a patent leather Chanel to my collection and I saw this on eBay and its been on my arm everyday since. I've had tons of compliments on it. I love love love it! :yahoo:
    5chanel.jpg 4.jpg
  2. It's Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!! Enjoy This Beauty!!! :smile:
  3. That's a fabulous bag. I love patent leather too, and I don't have enough of it.
  4. Love the patent leather. Congrats
  5. i saw that bag on eBay when it was listed! great buy!
  6. :yahoo: That's a great bag! I wish chanel would come out with a patent bag as big as the one you purchased, I'd snatch it up fast. I have a black patent classic flap and get tons of compliments everytime I wear it. The only downside to the bag is that it's too small for everyday use:crybaby: .
  7. That is a great bag!! I also have the coco cabas in leather. I have the vinyl too but have decided not to keep it because they are too similar and I prefer the leather on me. I would like a patent leather bag though but haven't found the perfect shape yet...
  8. wow, love this patent bag! great find!
  9. very nice bag! Vintage Chanel is gaining popularity - but somehow it all still looks current and fresh. CONGRATS!
  10. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. This was described as a "travelling bag"...translation "carryon" I guess ...but for me it is the perfect size bag to carry everyday. I do love some of the vintage styles...the designs transcend years of trends...old Chanel or new Chanel I love them all!
  11. Great buy, it's a beauty!
  12. It's awesomely gorgeous!!! Congrats on the great buy!
  13. wow its a very unusual design by looks like the LV keepall's but of course I love it MORE since its Chanel!!
    Yay good find!
  14. looks great, be sure to pop up a pic of you wearing it.Congrats
  15. That's a beautiful bag ... love the patent leather, so very in this season! Congrats on your stunning Chanel ... yes, pls post a pic of you carrying it!
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