Vintage or Resale in OC?

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am taking myself shopping tomorrow and wonder if anyone knows a good place to find vintage H in Olde Towne Orange or Laguna Beach? PM me if you'd rather not give away your favorite fishing hole and I promise to keep it a secret :P. Thanks all!:heart:
  2. There is a shop on PCH along the Newport Coast going down towards Laguna that sells some H from time to time - but it most certainly is not a bargain, and you really have to watch authenticity.
  3. Thank you Rana. I think I know which one you are referring to. There is Bellisimo and Recycled Rags, both of which I am very careful with....Thinking of going to Laguna and hitting both on the way.

    Congrats on your most recent acquisitions btw, quite impressive. Enjoy them in good health.
  4. Bellissima. 2850 E. Coast HWY
    Corona Del Mar
    Adriana Spitzer

    Recycled Rags
    2731 E.Coast HWY
    Corona Del Mar
    Talk to KATHY
  5. Thank you P! Have you found anything worth a reveal at either?
  6. Hey P & Rana! I scored! Thanks for the info, even though I knew them already, I think you nudged the H gods in my direction!:yahoo:. I think I need to stop for awhile.....5 silks in 7 days....yikes!
  7. brennamom - we need a reveal!!!!
  8. Working as we speak....:yes: