vintage or new papillon 30?

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  1. I like the look of vintage but I also like the new

    which do you like better??

    Either way it's a no-go without the lil 19!
  2. Are you getting the mono or damier. I'll prefer the new mono pap because I don't like patinaed straps. I don't mind used damier pap since you can't really tell if it's used and the damier can withstand alot of abuses.
  3. I like new and watch it patina to a comfortable level.
  4. New!!!
  5. I have vintage Mono Pap 30 with mini my opinion it looks much richer than the current Mono Pap with vachetta straps. It's also much easier to take care of and it's a bag I use often in the fall and winter. Something about the darker handles really sets off the mono canvas!
  6. I like the older one too because of the drak handles! I hate worrying about my straps and I hate how they get really dark where you carry them.

    grrrr...I just don't know. I'm looking at an old one that I really like!

    decisions decisions:rolleyes:
  7. i met some friends out last night and sitting across the bar from me was a vintage papillion!!! i kept staring at it- it was REALLY nice. i didn't think i'd like the vintage, but it was great- nicely used bag. also, it was sitting up on the bar with NO WORRIES, b/c NO VACHETTA! nice advantage...
  8. new mono!! i love my pap26 still in her honey stage eventhough shes already ++++yrs old