Vintage/Older Prada - What Models to Look Out for, and Where to Buy

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  1. Hi Prada TPFers!

    I am quite new to being a handbag enthusiast. Recently, I have been gravitating more towards Balenciaga and Prada. I have been thinking of getting to know Prada better, but since I have been into handbags just very recently, I only know of the latest models. I have been reading from the more senior Prada TPFers about how the quality and/or design of the older models are a notch (or two) above the later models. Given this, I became interested in checking out the older models as well.

    My questions would be - What older models would be good to buy? How/where can I buy those - just online/ebay, or are there other trusted places to go to, or would they still be able to ship those to the Prada store in my city, so I should just tell my SA what models to find?

    I apologize in advance if there has been a thread on this already. I did a search and could not find one. I may have just missed it/them; if that's the case, it would be great if someone could point me to that thread.

    I am eager to know what older models I should be looking out for, and how I can get my hands on those older models. I recently spied a Prada fairy bag on ebay that missfiggy actually confirmed as authentic, but due to my "analysis paralysis", I ended up missing out on it - before I could even make an offer, the bag already got bought by someone else. :sad:

    Thanks much in advance! :biggrin:
  2. Anyone? :biggrin: I would highly appreciate a response from the more senior Prada ladies/gents. :biggrin: Thanks in advance!!!
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    Handbag selection is as personal a choice as it gets. You pretty much have to know what you like in the way of features, materials, etc. and then take it from there. I scour eBay for vintage bags, by which I mean around 2000-2005 , though technically that's not vintage. I adore the Berlino leather line from the early 2000's. Here's a beauty! Love the mahogany color, but the best part is the RED leather (yes, real leather) lining. One of my favorites. I have a couple of the lucite chain soft calf bags from the same time frame and love them, too. Pity Prada got so greedy and stopped making top notch quality, interesting bags in lieu of the all mighty dollar. :girlsigh:

    Note of caution: If you decide to jump into this, make certain you get any bags authenticated before you buy. Counterfeits have been around for a looooong time now.

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  4. Wow, that bag is gorgeous! :woot: THANK YOU so much for the response, Prada Psycho! :biggrin: I have a better idea now... I can keep scouring ebay too, and have bag/s authenticated here if one catches my eye. This Berlino leather line seems stunning (based on the bag pic you posted), so that's one to keep an eye out for, for sure!
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    You're welcome! Enjoy your excursion into older Prada. It's a fun trip! :nuts:

    OK, you're officially going to get me into trouble! I hadn't been looking lately, but there's some great bags on eBay right now. I've put at least 10 on my watch list just now!

    Found quite a few from the Berlino line. Here's another.

    I don't only look for Berlino, by the by. Just happen to love that particular collection. ;)

  6. Prada Psycho - I just BOUGHT the bag!!! We might be getting EACH OTHER into trouble!!! :lol:

    THANK YOU so much again for taking the time to respond to me, and for even sharing these great finds!!! I think I will pass on the first bag, but as I mentioned, I just bought the second one (from link above). I will keep looking too!!! :biggrin:

    I'll make sure to do a reveal once I receive the bag!!!
  7. Congrats! I'll keep an eye out for your reveal. :smile:

    If you have any recent Prada bags, you'll be gobsmacked at how much nicer this one is by comparison. It's very similar to the one I posted, just a little different version.
  8. I've really loved those washed leather bags. I don't know much about them though...just what I've read doing searches on this forum. I keep an eye out for them from time to time. More because I just want to see the different styles and looks, not necessarily even to buy one!

    The bag pictured above is beautiful though.
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  9. Here ya go! :nuts:


    I've had this color and this one in navy. It's glorious leather, inside and out. Thick, beefy, smells heavenly. I saw one on eBay yesterday. I'll scare it up again and post it here. ;)

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  10. OMG I love the navy...I've never seen one that wasn't brown. (Granted, I haven't seen that many). I saw the brown one on Yoogi's and have been extremely tempted.

    I really wish I would've gotten into handbags a number of years ago, when the Prada quality was higher. Although I have a newer Daino I got at Saks in December during their 40% off sale that I'm happy with (particularly because it was a good price). I just haven't been able to get into those saffiano totes though.

    Thanks for sharing...I'm going to keep my eye out for one in that navy color now!
  11. Wow! I love that blue bag. I wish I could find one like that.
  12. Cowbear and Kerrin - I agree that the navy is gorgeous! I'll be keeping an eye out for that as well :biggrin:
  13. As an update - I've been posting pics of my older Prada bags in the Handbags and Purses sub-forum, and I've been getting nice feedback such as the one below. ;)

    I'm happy to spread my bag joy with these older Prada bags - well since they're no longer "hot", they're not getting a ridiculous amount of attention - but I'm happy that others with good taste :graucho: get to appreciate my bags, and share in my joy. :biggrin: