Vintage Mono Speedy 30 vs 35

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  1. Well, I shocked myself in my decision! The more I look at the DE, the more I think...hmmmm. I am a mono girl at heart. Instead of an eventual purchase of the DE speedy 30, I will do the DE eva...after I become un-banned!

    So, I purchased a mono speedy 30! Sort of vintage, 10 years old, and about 8/10 condition wise! SO excited. I can't wait until she gets here so I can use her!

    Hubby thinks I am CRAZY! :biggrin:
  2. Yes! Buy size 30! I totally fell in love with pre-loved mono speedies. :woohoo:And I think it is the best choice for you, if you want a "carefree" bag. You won´t worry too much about the wet weather and so on, because of the vachetta. Good luck!! :tup:
  3. Get a 30!!! I'm partial to the smaller size though since all I've owned are 25 (mono and empreinte!) But if you plan to carry her all the time with the little one, maybe the 35 would be better so you can store more baby items! Either one is great though:smile:
  4. I would go for a 35 because the zipper part is wider and in my eyes nice n handling. She is big, but you dont have to stuff her completely ... :smile:
  5. Congrats! Hope you enjoy her ;)

    May I ask what kind of price range you paid for her? I'm looking for a pre-loved with even honey patina mono speedy myself. Thanks!!
  6. Great choice! Congrats!