Vintage Mono Speedy 30 vs 35

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  1. I NEED a Speedy in my collection! I eventually want a DE speedy in 30. So, for a fun vintage purchase, should I go with 30 or 35? I have seen lots of modeling pics, and I am so torn! I don't have a boutique close by, so I can't pop in to try the sizes on.

    I don't mind a big bag. I have a 2 year old and carry a lot. I am 5'4" 120 for reference. I own a neverfull GM, and a musette GM.

    As an aside, I know a lot of people purchase DE because it doesn't have vachetta and is better for wet weather...but do I really need to worry about wet weather with a vintage mono bag? I want a carefree choice!
  2. I think both are great choice
    If you want to get a 30 In the future than get 35 now :smile:
  3. 35!
  4. 35!!!
  5. Just what I was thinking! Thanks!!
  6. 35!! Bought mine pre loved and she is gorgeous!

  7. How pre-loved, may I ask? I am looking at fairly dark patina but no other issues. hope I won't be overpaying! I want a kick around bag that I won't care if it gets rained on, etc

  8. She was born in 1999. Medium to dark patina ( not dirty at all) and I got her for a steal. Definitely my kick around bag and one of my most carried LV's. I just adore Speedy's. :smile:
  9. Vintage for me is when the bag is at least 15-20 years old, so i don't see damier as a vintage.
    The patina Will protect from the bag from the rain so don't worry !!! I like the mono best =)
  10. Thank you! I am looking at one from a Japanese seller I purchased my musette from!
  11. Thank you! I was thinking the patina would protect it. Let the search begin!
  12. It is my advice to you, in buying a pre-loved speedy, to be careful. The older the bag, so long it has been taken care of, the better shape the canvas, hardware and leather is bound to be in. The newer bags seem to hit a cracking point around 7-8 years. The newer hardware seems to flake horribly. The leather -seems- thinner.

    The 30's run consistently higher in resell/sale value than the 35's. I would think you can get a 35 in good all around shape for about 250.00, but might not be able to get the lock set included.

    If you are really patient, you might get a deal for less though. Check frequently and watch for buy-outs, those tend to go right up and down.

    Ask questions, look at the bag from every angle, make sure there is no cracking anywhere, or any creases, creases will have created weak points in the canvas, i.e, it's been stored flat instead of stuffed.

    I wouldn't recommend buying the speedy bag from japan. They always seem torn on the heat-stamps and have a mildew odor along with heavy water damage.

  13. Thank you for all the information! It's definitely helpful. I am in fact looking at a speedy from japan. It's a seller I have purchased from, and the price point is higher than you quoted, but they assure me the canvas is in beautiful shape. I hope so ! I haven't purchased yet, so I am going to look around. I am looking at one made in 1994.
  14. Ooo! Good year! That would make it almost 20 years old! If you trust the seller and it's in amazing shape, I would pounce.

  15. I bought my vintage speedy from Japan and it was made in 1992 and it's in great shape. Just use a trusted seller and make sure u have it authenticated. Also, I always ask sellers specifically about smell and avoid bags that have a smell. Good luck hunting 💗