Vintage Minis... 7 in vs 8 in

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  1. #1 Jul 7, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2016
    image.png image.png hi Ladies- so all the reading has now made me convinced I need to add a mini to my Chanel family, which currently consists of:
    Vintage XL maxi black with GHW
    Caviar Jumbo black with GHW
    227 Reissue Navy with RHW
    226 Reissue Black with RHW
    226 Reissue Metallic Plum with SHW.

    I love the vintage look and am trying to decide between the 7 inch which has the larger gold C's and the 8 inch. Pictures attached.

    Is there really much difference size wise between the two? In other words, can they hold the same amount? I would like for it to hold my iPhone 6, a small wallet, and keys at the least.

    Also, there is part of me that maybe the gold is too flashy for a mini bag? And maybe I should look for one in silver?

    Anyone regret their mini purchase?

    Trying to decide if I really "need" a mini or if I have just drank too much of the Chanel Kool-Aid lately . Any/all advice would be greatly appreciated as well as modeling pics :smile:. Thanks!!

    The first photo is the 8 inch, the second is the 7 inch...
  2. I love the 7 inches one because the CC is proportional to the bag whereas it looks smaller on the 8 inches one
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  3. Excellent point. Good eye
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  4. i had a vintage 7" mini and even though i had a 5" phone the phone was forced in there along the back wall or had to placed diagonally. so i would say every single inch matters w/the mini. i sold it, too small and frustrating for my personal tastes. and all i could fit was the phone, keys, a compact, and a lipstick. mine had gold hardware, it felt elegant and i wore it for evening shows and events, it never felt flashy.
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  5. That's what I was worried about... I prefer the look of the 7 inch, but was concerned that every inch counts!
  6. what about a rectangular mini? those hold more than the square
  7. I was leaning towards the square ones since the shape is so different from other bags I have, but you have a good point!
  8. I wouldn't consider the other one a mini. It's a small flap.
    There is another mini style with that same vintage clasp that is 7 inches, which is a mini, but that one is just small...
    They morphed this one into the 9 inch classic medium-small.
    So if you are looking for a mini you should get the mini...
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