Vintage LVoers - Deauville or Saumur 30?

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  1. I've never bought any vintage LV and this will be my first! My needs are primarily to add to my collection but functionality is an obvious plus lol! A little about my needs:

    -Love cross body bags
    -Could use a comfortable big diaper bag
    -Often go away on weekends for trips
    -Would use it to carry Surfacebook and papers
    -Love bags that can hold water bottles (I'm ALWAYS thirsty! *glug*glug*)
    -Prefer low maintainance bags cause of small kids

    I can't decide! Which would you pick? :smile: Also, those that own either/or I'd love to see pics to see how it's aged over the years :biggrin:

  2. Here's Ms. Cruz with the Deauville

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  3. And here's the Saumur 30.... They both look so good! Completely perplexed!


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  4. I've had my eye on the Deauville, it's slowly becoming an obsession of mine, lol. Good luck deciding!
  5. saumur doesn't fit that much. i think deauville would suit your needs better:smile:
  6. I think the buckle closure and the two different sides of the Saumur would get annoying quickly. The Deauville is really attractive!
  7. I have both with a deauville is damier and.samur is fiore turqoise inside. The deauville i fell for when i saw jlo with one when she was out and about in a picture than an ad. Ok deauville holds more but csn be a heavy handheld bag. Samur is light but the buckles are always open unless worried about pick pockets.
  8. I think the deauville would be tricky if you often have your kids with you. It would probably be easier to have a hands-free bag like the samur.
  9. I love the look of the Saumur but that buckle is so fiddly at the best of times and it doesn't have much space on the inside unless you lean towards the 35. The Deauville would most likely be a better fit for your lifestyle despite it being a top-held only.
  10. Saumur is a pain, had it, took it on one trip with kids, sold it. The buckles are a pain, it gets really bulky and sits out like a concrete block. Deauville is great but then you don't have hands free which is hard with kids...
  11. I have owned and sold both of these. I didn't find either of them functional at all!

    The deauville is too large and awkward to be a top handle bag, IMO, especially for regular day to day use. And the saumur is very annoying with the buckles and the back side hardly accessible when carrying it. I also found the saumur very heavy and uncomfortable to carry crossbody.

    That's just my take on these two.
  12. Saumur 30 is way too small, especially if you want to use it as a diaper or work bag. You would need to go for at least a 35 or 43; both of those are hard to find in good condition (most of them are poor/vintage-shape on ebay). But honestly, I don't find the Saumur very good as a work bag because it is hard to get in and out of. Seems more functional as a travel bag as it would detract pickpocketers.

    Deauville is a nice bag, but I would find it tiresome very quickly. It is a very heavy top-handle.

    If going for discontinued bags, maybe a Totally GM or Palermo GM might work? They both have pockets and are plenty big.
  13. I am currently OBSESSED with the Deauville (and will hopefully be acquiring one soon). So that would be my vote.

    I love that it's a top handle bag and has plenty of interior storage plus the straps which would easily hold water bottles.

    If it's too big for your lifestyle might I suggest the smaller Trouville? I've also seen people add a crossbody strap.

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  14. I just purchased a Deauville on eBay last week that should be arriving today. I'm very excited! My plan is to definitely add a strap, perhaps from Mautto, and throw on a shoulder pad. I do like the idea of a crossbody but I don't often wear them. I appreciate the size and functional inside pocket layout of the Deauville. I prefer large bags and this definitely fit the bill.
  15. Saumur
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