VIntage LV !

  1. This is my 3rd time posting here. Hi, everyone !!

    I have been LV fan since I was in HS about 20 years ago.. :heart: My first LV was a gift from my mom when I was 15. I still have those vintage LV in my closet and today I took picture to show everyone here. Speedy is the only one LV still makes, I assume.

    I would like to see other vintage LV collection. Share with us !!


    My newest addsion - I purchased Popincourt Haut on Sunday. :love:
  2. Welcome!

    I wish I had vintage pieces, I have only been collecting for a couple of years. Thanks for sharing your collection!
  3. Welcome and hurrah to vintage!!! love your you still use them often???
  4. welcome to the PFF.. I :heart: vintage
  5. Thanks for the warm welcom !!! :yahoo:

    Any vintage pictures ?
  6. welcome to the purse forum!! I would love to have a vintage french co speedy...thanks for sharing your collection...I'd love to see more vintage here!!
  7. Looking at your pieces makes me wish I kept mine. The only vintage pieces I have and kept is the original Gucci satchels and wallets from the 80s. It's a momentum of your history and memories!!! Welcome and perhaps maybe you should start a clubhouse on vintage pieces? Thanks for sharing!
  8. Welcome and gorgeous vintage you got!
  9. Wooo, I love it here ~ Everyone is so nice ! THanks ya'll.

    I will start LV Vitage Clubhouse soon ~ Join me !! :jammin:
  10. Nice stuff!!! Welcome to the forum!! You're now doomed to buy more and more Louis Vuitton....have fun!!!
  11. oh wow! looks great! I only started for about a year too, and I'd love to have a vintage collection one day! hey, just a question....did LV make limited edition pieces like 20 years ago?
  12. hmm. I do not remember. Those were the days we didn't have internet ! All I remember was I made a couple of trips to Paris to get something we couldn't have in US. I did not remember having catalogs either.My mom used to go to LV store all the time, became friends with the manager there and always kept in touch to find out what's new. LV made some styles only available to US market, that's for sure.
  13. :nuts: Nice vintage pieces you got there!:love: Thanks for sharing:flowers:
  14. Fabulase.
  15. i have a very old one from my nana and is falling apart but i cant find any tags or codes???