Vintage lv got on ebay

  1. hope you can all give me advice
    i ordered a vintage bag on eBay for 80 dollars and just received it
    will post the pix and description etc..
    i am just not happy with it....i did not realize the inside of the zip pockets would be soooo worn or should i say like mildewy from age i guess i am not up on all this! the outside is nice ...aged but nice heavy leather.....the zips work fine but could be cleaned are very dirty that is my description but not what i expected i should have realized for 80 dollars ...
    anyway i think i am re selling it even for very cheap because i will never use it....i have so many beautiful others gucci etc and a new lv my husband got me...
    am i being too fussy or do you know if this is reparable someplace to where it would be newer and fresh...thanks so much
    i know someone out there will enjoy it either way

  2. You can change the interior lining if it's peeling but will cost you more than $80 I reckon:s . Have you tried using baby wipes to clean up the bag?
  3. good idea i will try...but think i am going to get rid of it anyway would rather put even a LITTLE money toward a good one!

    just sad ...if the guy took pix INSIDE the pockets nobody would have bid or at least not that
  4. Just my personal opinion but bags that look as dirty and worn like that should be thrown in the garbage. Is there anyway you would actually feel good to carry a bag like that? I think for such a low price you should have expected something in bad condition.
    Maybe I am fussy but it would kind off gross me out to carry a dirty bag. For me I would get more enjoyment in saving up for a cles or small wallet that is new and it would be something I could have for years.
    I am sure you can resell it but I think you would have to describe the condition so another buyer might feel they did not get what they expected.
    I hate eBay-too many misunderstands or rip offs going on there. It is always the buyer who gets burned.
  5. i think its really cool.i like that the bag has had a life and is all beaten up. it is old after all you shouldnt expect them to stay perfect.
  6. It doesn't look THAT terrible IMO. I saw a girl at my school the other day carrying a French Co. Speedy that looked so much worse..the handles were black and the zipper pull looked like it had been chewed off.
  7. You can use it as a make up bag.
  8. Im sorry but I LOVE this bag...its so quirky...I would be soooo proud to own it. Its a little bit of history. PLease please do not throw it :flowers:
  9. If you don't like it sell it on there are lots of people who like vintage and I've see worse condition, personally I don't like patina so when my bags get too brown I'll sell them on replace them with new it's all down to personal taste
  10. Aw, that is too bad that you are not happy with your purchase. I don't think that it looks that bad, but pictures can be deceiving and you are the one that needs to be happy.
  11. So the pictures and description on eBay were not as described?
  12. no it was much worse in person and the odor! would have been nice if they took pix of the inside pockets but i made a bid thinking FOR SURE i was going to be OUTBID but surprise surprise i got it..... BUT i have to say it is a lovely style and if only it could be fixed up i would love it!
  13. gilliana!
    YOU are the one thinking the way i am! (especially that it has that horrible mildew smell i can't imagine walking out with it or even using it for a makeup bag too creepy!)
    now that i learned this lesson i know that i really would much rather have a crisp new bag or a CRISP CLEAN PERFECT OLD ONE like the few gucci vintage ones i have from the 70's MINE ARE IN PERFECT condition and i guess i expected this one to be the same ....
    onward and upward to the sales and yes i will be SOOO CAREFUL FROM NOW ON!

    THANKS so much for all your advice!
  14. sold! thank goodness that is over! thanks for the advice
  15. I agree. It's not in THAT awful, especially considering you paid $80.