vintage LV from argentina: need authenticity pls

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  1. hello all and thanks. I have a lovely black leather bag with an old tag inside reading LV and CUERO VACA; INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA; AND A R.I.M SERIAL NUMBER. ANY IDEA IF LOUIS VUITTON MADE BAGS IN ARGENTINA FROM LEATHER PERHPAS IN THE 70S 80S? i WILL TRY TO PLACE some photos, and would really appreicate your help.
    DSC00765_resize_resize.JPG DSC00766_resize_resize.JPG DSC00767_resize_resize.JPG DSC00768_resize_resize.JPG
  2. I say fake.

    All authenticty questions need to be posted in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" Sticky above. Thanks. ;)
  3. I'm very sorry, but I think this is a fake. I don't believe LV has ever manufactured any items in Argentina, and the LV logo in the bag looks wrong as well.
  4. Hello, welcome. Please keep authenticity questions to the "authenticate this" thread located at the top of the forum. thanks ! :smile:
Thread Status:
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