Vintage LV Custom Canvas

  1. Mods: I know that auctions are typically requested to be in the 'shopping' forum, but this is an item that may apply to the general history of Vuitton.

    A supposed custom-canvas Vuitton case, circa 1929, with an interesting unique monogram pattern.
    Does anybody know if Vuitton did indeed offer custom canvases at any point in it's history? I'd not be surprised if it's a topic that LV doesn't want generally known.
  2. very interesting, i actually like the pattern. but is the case actually by LV? there's no label or marking that says that it is. back then there were other trunk makers too. i'd say it was inspired by LV, but not LV. plus i don't see why LV would keep things like custom canvas patter a secret. they're pretty proud of their heritage.
  3. It doesn't scream LV to me... I'm sure there would have been a LV label at least somewhere.. I'm not sure :sad:
  4. Obviously that's not Louis Vuitton...
  5. I really dislike that canvas and I don't believe it is Louis Vuitton either - it looks more like a 1929 Louis Vuitton Wannabe trunk.
  6. The lock mechanism looks inferior to me, I don't believe this is Louis Vuitton.
  7. yeah I am wondering that too because I know that even back on the ages LV was getting Faked since it was so coveted, and it looks printed, LV that old was getting stamped by hand...

    ok I looked at the pics again and there's no LV markings on the hardware and I belive it's not LV:nogood:
  8. I would think if LV made this, they would have at least marked it somewhere.
  9. It doesn't look like LV to me either. The quality just isn't there...
  10. It's possible that LV would have made custom pieces for their clients, however, without a marking on it or anyway of identifying it...I think it makes it have NO value other than a plain leather trunk, kwim?

    If the owner did have it made back then, they made a mistake asking for it not to be marked.
  11. I don't think it's LV.
  12. That's what i was thinking also. :confused1: