Vintage LV CLUB !

  1. These are my Vintage Lous Vuitton bags.
    All of them are more than 20 years old and great condition !


    Share our Love and Pictures of Vintage LVs with us !! :hysteric:
  2. I have my mom's Speedy 30. My mom has her old Trocadero from the early 90's and the Ellipse shopper but I don't really think I'd consider it vintage yet; she got it in 1997 or 1998.
  3. Very pretty.
  4. Sac Weekend PM


    Sac Triangle (handles have been replaced)

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  5. Beautiful !! :heart:

    I used have Sac Triangle ,too. I was told they were made to carry knitting needles.

    Woooo, I am tempted to take my speedy and replace handles. How much did you pay for them?
  6. Thank you! The handles were done before I purchased the bag, but I believe you can have the handles replaced for a little over $200.
  7. Attention Vintage Lovers !! Join us !!!!:love:

    The bag on the right in the picture is called "Marceau". I used to carry it to school bc it can hold bunch of text books. Now my daugter is using all of my vintage bags. ( she is in HS )
  8. I am so glad to find this thread.. Will post up all my Vintage pieces when I return from vacation.. Vintage is awesome.. love em:flowers:
  9. Wow, beautiful vintages...I didn't know about this thread! I actually sold off most of my vintages except for my marly bandouliere pochette (it's currently being repaired right now) and my papillon 30. I also bought a mono cartouchiere for my mom. I'll try to post pics when I get the marly bag asap! I love vintage Vuitton!
  10. Can't wait to see those beautiful vintage LVs !!! Keep coming, everyon ~~~ Join us. :heart:
  11. Sorry that the bag isn't isolated but the hobo looking LV dead center is vintage. It pre-dates the Croissant and may even be older or as old as the Boulonge (I hope I spelled that right) Notice the feet on the bottom of the bag. It would be nice if LV made more bags today with protective feet:
  12. Correction: Bologne. :yes:
  13. I have a Speedy 35 born in March of 1988, does that count, it was my aunts
  14. My epi speedy was made in 1992, when I was 9 and didn't own a purse. :biggrin: But I got it when I was 23, so I guess it's had a happy life since it looks brand new!
  15. Vintage, monogram, multiple business card holder. In the picture I'm showing it next to the Graffiti Pochette Accessories that one can get an idea of how tall it is. I almost died to have one of these. I got it off of ebay for a steal! I've seen them going for an "arm-and-a leg" recently: