Vintage Louis Vuitton

  1. can anyone help med with information on different kinds of vintage pieces?
  2. There are a couple of different Vintage type of bags that I would class as vintage:

    [] Metallier - Lots of vintage bags were made with the metallier stamp inside but they are hard to find now, some can be found on eBay

    [] French and Co. - Speedies and Keepalls (please correct me if any other bags were made) Made in the 80's-90's (?)

    [] Vintage models :

    Nil - Messenger style bag
    Sac weekend - (name says it all lol)
    Pochette Marly - small messenger bag
    Cartouchiere - Thin flap messenger
    Chantilly - Small thin rounded messenger
    St Cloud - Square messenger
    Gibeciere - Large messenger (looks like the Congo messenger without mesh)
    Sac Kleber - Carry on luggage
    Sac Flanerie - shopper travel tote
    Polochon - large round travel bag
    Randonnee - Large backpack style travel bag
    Balade - Messenger travel bag

    There are also Certain vernis colours which started in the late 90's - baby blue, marshmellow

    Epi - Borneo Green, Dark blue (forgot the name), yellow, fawn, and more

    there are many many more but they are the most prominent
  3. I am looking to buy either the St Cloud mono, or the Chantilly mono. Which one do you think would look better?
  4. I would definitely get the Chantilly. The St. Cloud doesn't have as much character as the Chantilly. I had one that was given to me by my aunt and it is definitely a cute look. I took mine to get repaired at the LV store and they lost it! I know right...who would think it. They provided me with an amount to get a new bag, but I am still looking to replace the Chantilly. I have looked on eBay but I can't tell if they are real. Some of them are different sizes and I didn't know that they came in different sizes. Where are you looking to get yours?
  5. but what does it mean... why is the malletier stamp special? anyone?
  6. My speedy 25 is from 1990 and says "malletier" (spelling??) on one of the tabs. I never thought much about it until reading this.
  7. hm thats interesting. i think its like a french word or something
  8. malletier means trunk maker
  9. so there are authentic speedy bags that have "malletier" stamped on the external tag? i found one in a thrift store today that everything else checks out except the end tag says "Louis Vuitton Malletier" instead of the (r) or Paris or Made in France or any of the other ways it usually looks.

    from my research the date code (874 FC) indicates that it was made in California in 1987 but the variant end tag is hold me up.

    could you post a picture of the tag on yours that says melletier so i could see if it looks the same? is that asking too much?

    anybody else have thoughts on this?


  10. The Chantilly did come in different sizes. I am not sure if there were 2 or 3 sizes. I bought the large size when it came out and paid I believe $800.00 for it. I still have it and it still looks fantastic. Only problem these bags had was the inside pocket would stick together if you stored the bag without something in it (I used a hankerchief) so some bags you see have damage to the inside pocket. The pocket really is too small to use for anything so it is not a big deal. I have seen these bags online at some of the consignment shops that are legit. Yogis closet is still my favorite place to buy from.
    I also think the resale on these bags are quite low so you can pick one up for a good price.