Vintage Louis Vuitton Suitcase?

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  1. Hello,

    I have found this lovely vintage Vuitton suitcase and I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this model.

    I know it's a genuine Vuitton, I just wanted to know if you have seen it before.

    The seller told me it's called "Bon Voyage" and that it was made sometime in 1930.....

    Here are the pictures:

    Thank you!

  2. I'm not the LV expert at ALL but we have lots of them in the forum, so I'll give this a bump for you.
  3. yeah yeah.
  4. No one knows anything about this model? :confused1:

  5. I have never seen this particular model and the lock mechanism looks off to me (I have several vintage/antique pieces) - It is an attractive piece, but cannot be certain of the authenticity.

    There are many pieces from this era that are unknown and many that are made to order. The only way to know for certain is the serial number of the lock, which you can send these digits to Louis Vuitton and they can check their database (They have lock numbers on file for almost every piece ever produced).

    I can tell you though, this is not the "Bon Voyage" model - The "Bon Voyage" model is larger and was made in 1942. It was intended to fit 5 days worth of mens clothing and had a shoe box to accompany it.