vintage Loewe

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  1. I found a really nice vintage Loewe shoulder bag this weekend. I got a small discount on it, £35 instead of £40. It needs a bit of a wipe but even still, the leather is so soft and it smells great. The inside is suede.

    I've enquired about the price of a Loewe bag once before. It was lambskin and cost about £500 or £600. Can anyone tell me what the general price range is? they don't appear to sell anything onle, lol!

    the second pic is a bit grainy because I've used my cellphone camera.
  2. Alas, can't see any pictures . . . .
  3. Can't see anything either. :shrugs:
  4. I recently bought a Loewe Amazonia Fuchsia Suede (large) for about US$2.5k. I think 35 pounds for a Loewe is a steal. :drool: . Show us the pics soon please. I love Loewe.
  5. sorry, I didnt realise the pics weren't attached. These pics dont do the bag justice, I'll try an take better ones when I get home.

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  6. Oooh nice!! You lucky thing - £35 is a steal believe me, i'd be more than happy to get one for that price. Where did you get it from - as I know you are a London girl too any info about where to buy good vintage is v. useful!
  7. there is a great vintage shop in covent garden (Mercer street, near the London Graphics shop) called Wow Retro.

    They sell desinger and non designer things there. Once they had a monogram LV pochette for about £20 or £30 ! A few months ago they had a nice Karl Largerfeld doctors bag for £40 - guess who didn't buy it?!

    They are moving to 179 Drury lane soon. The new shop is already open and they'll be closing the old one soon.

    If anyone knows any good vintage shops in London I'd love to hear about them. I The only other place a I know is a crazy expensive place on Goodge street.
  8. It can be a bit hit and miss but Portabello?
  9. OMG, if I live near a shop like that, I will be shopping there everyday. Your vintage Loewe is a gem, MissThing. The colour is aging nicely and the gold hardware doesn't look tarnished at all. I love em vintage..I wish there is a sub cat here devoted to vintage bags.
  10. Congrats! Lovely!
  11. That's an absolute steal!! Congrats!
  12. Actually I think Portobello is really good for vintage bags though not necessarily the cheapest - I got a divine 1920's art deco frame bag there which I adore but paid around £70. The choice is endless and they carry quite a few designer names but the prices are not bargain basement. I also go to some of the vintage fairs held regularly in London - there is a vintage fashion and accessories fair about every six weeks held in Hammersmith Town hall and it is where a lot of the posher vintage shop owners get their stock. It is fab - you can spend hours browsing and there are several stalls with vintage bags. There is also a fair specifically dedicated to accessories held in Dulwich every few months - just google it! I haven't made it there but have heard it is good.

    Sometimes I go to Blackout 2 in Endell street in Covent Garden which has a lot of non branded vintage bags, plus Spitalfields on a Sunday particularly the "up-market" bit held in an old car park off Brick Lane which has several vintage stalls that sell both clothes and bags. Lastly I can't remember the name of the places but if you go to Notting Hill tube and turn right out of the tube station heading towards portobello market there are two great shops on the right hand side of Pembridge road that sell a lot of vintage designer including bags and shoes. Again prices are ok but not knock down - the problem with west london I guess! Happy hunting!