Vintage ligne tote??

  1. Is this bag still available out there?
  2. I think your only chance to get one might be at Hirschleifer's in NY. Someone posted a few weeks ago that they still had one or two.
  3. oh my, I wonder if anyone else out there has seen this anywhere else?
  4. I called Hirschleifer's in NY and they did not have the north/south style for $1995. They have the east/west style for $2095 ... HTH

  5. Luv4bags, do you happen to know what color they had the East/West tote in?
  6. these have pretty much been sold out for months or so.
  7. Brown and Dark Brown ...

  8. Thanks! I've got the dark brown in the N/S tote, but I was hoping maybe they had the dark white in the E/W.
  9. Congrats, I was hoping they had any color in the north south. Hmm how did you get the north south, they indicated those were sold out.

  10. I didn't get it there. I bought it quite a while ago from Sak's.

    BTW, I noticed in your signature about the PNY wallet. It's funny; I did the same thing. I had one and sold it and rebought it again!:p
  11. does anybody have a pict of the e/w style. I'm not sure what this looks like.
  12. Go to the Vintage Ligne thread in the reference library. There is a dark white one posted.

  13. Lucky you, I hope to find a vintage ligne n/s one day!

  14. I'm surprised Hirshleifers is sold out of the n/s when just a few weeks ago, when I got my beige Cambon tote, they sent me photos of available bags which included the n/s dark brown VL tote. Either it sold or the s/a is mixing up the two styles. I would call again and inquire.