Vintage Ligne Tote goes back...

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  1. Well, after a week of my new Dark Brown Vintage Ligne Tote sitting in it's box unopened, I started to get that uneasy feeling that maybe this bag was not for me. I can't put my finger on it, but something about this bag just did not work for me. I took it out of the box a couple of times and tried her on, and then packed her back up each time.:confused1:

    So, I wandered into Chanel to see if they had anything new, and they had just received the Grand Shopping Tote in Dark Brown with silver hardware. They only had one in the back in a box, but it was on hold for someone else. So, my really sweet SA called the lady who said that I could have the bag! I bought it then and there and went back 2 days later to return the VL tote. The GST has been out of the box since day one and the tags came off soon after. It think it looks great with everything, and love the classic look of it.

    I LOVE it and now I want one in every color!!!:love: :love:

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  2. That is the most beautiful bag, what a rich color. What was retail? I am dying to get the GST in beige..
  3. Ugh--sorry about the typos. I just finished working a 12-hour shift! :blink:

    Oh, gosh I'm so tired I forgot I can go back and fix my typos...
  4. Pink that's gorgeous!!! At least you found one that works for you, that's the most important thing. Thanks for your thoughts on the vintage ligne also, it helped me out a lot.
  5. I think the Brown was $1895. The other colors are less--I think $1650 for black, beige, navy, & white.
  6. Twinklette ~~ You really don't know until you try it on. Ha! In my case, sometimes you don't know until you take it home!
  7. I might take the plunge and go for it...I'll keep you informed!
  8. You made a wise decision! I love to look at the VL tote but know it wouldn't work for me either. The GST in brown is amazing! It will be timeless - a classic for years to come.
  9. i'm glad you were able to find something you love and will use. the grand shopping is definitely a classic, so you can't go wrong.
    i do still love the vintage ligne tote though.
  10. Roey ~~ Thanks! That's exactly how I feel--I love to look at the VL Tote. It is aesthetically appealing, that's for sure. But, the clean lines of the GST fit much better with my look.
  11. LOL! SOunds like me the first time I brought home my Vintage Tote.
    I took her back adn tried a few others but ran right back to her though!

    I LOVE the brown GST SOOOO much, I actually preordered it.
    I decided not to get it because of it's scratch factor being higher than I'm comfortable with.
    I wish it wasn't an issue for me because I ADORE that bag!
    SO glad you found the right one for you!!!:choochoo:
  12. Wow it's gorgeous!!:love: Congrats on your fab bag!! :flowers:
  13. I have the SVT in black, and honestly I was feeling like "hmm.. I should've gone for the Classic Flap or GST." But it was too late since I had pulled the tags off from day 2. However, now I use my SVT more and have grown to LOVE IT! But I still want the GST!!!! Congrats!! And in a yummy chocolate color, too!!!:drool:
  14. Lovely! What a rich chocolate color. Yumm.
  15. The brown is gorgeous!

    Isn't it funny how you think you like a bag but don't know for sure till you take it home and never reach for it?

    I'm glad you exchanged it for the perfect bag!