Vintage Ligne Square Box?

  1. Has anyone seen a vintage square box in black, it has thick lady braid handles...... I think it was a 2006 collection....... but I live in hope!
  2. There is a picture of it that Jennifer posted in the vintage ligne thread, if that helps.

    Love that bag so much!!!!:heart:
  3. hi, damian at Saks bala cynwyd had the burgundy, if you are interested a coupla weeks ago 610-667-1550 X258....stunning!:drool: :love:
    no black though..did you call around for it?:shrugs:
  4. ^^Saks NYC had one in burgundy last week when I was there. There are two totes from same collection at NM Newport Beach (in the lighter brown color) as of last Sunday. You might want to give the stores a call to see if they can help you track down the black...
  5. Ldldb/Mick,

    Did you see this?

    Praying it is!
  6. ^^for some reason I can't enlarge your picture to see which style it is. Can you pm me the actual picture? thanks
  7. Sorry, I forgot to thank Jennifer for borrowing her pix.
    Thanks so much, I hope you don't mind.
  8. I think I saw this style in the Seattle Nordstrom over the weekend (I was visiting, so sorry no real details!), if you search the SA thread I think the members here have listed the number and their fave SA in it. Good luck!
  9. yes, exactly that bag, but in burgundy, not black....
  10. I know its an old post but there is one on eBay now...
  11. Nordstrom Seattle has the square VL box in both dark brown and brown available at $1795. It's a really cute bag and deceptively bigger than it looks. Call Denise at 206-628-1397.

    Dark Brown:

  12. ^^oh god Roey, I gotta not be tempted by that dark choco one. I must not call Nordie...I must not call Nordie...I must not...
  13. guess you are calling now... heehee