Vintage lambskin jumbo (with big CC's) or new Caviar jumbo GHW?

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  1. Which do you prefer?
  2. Vintage gets my vote!
  3. New caviar jumbo!
  4. Is this for your own purchase? I guess it all depends on pricing. If I could get vintage in a really good condition and price, I think I would go vintage.
    If it's around the same price, I'd probably go with the new caviar jumbo.
  5. Yes and the vintage bag I'm eyeing is lambskin. However it's 2k cheaper than a brand new caviar flap.
  6. I prefer the new caviar.. :smile: good luck with either one.
  7. Depends on the condition of the vintage flap. I personally prefer the look of the vintage jumbo over the current one. Caviar is less maintenance than lambskin, BUT......lambskin looks just delicious and so much richer than caviar.
    The lambskin of vintage pieces are very durable though. I just bought a vintage jumbo (lambskin) in great condition and after some conditioning it shines so sublime!
    So if you can find a vintage one in excellent condition (no deflated quilting, wrinkles, etc.) I would definitely go with vintage (and save your wallet 2k too). Good luck:smile:
  8. I personally prefer the new jumbo. The vintage one is a bit too boxy and the CC is too large for my taste.
  9. I definitely prefer the new classic flap.
  10. Vintage jumbo gets my quote.
  11. +1. Don't like the look of the big CCs.
  12. New Caviar jumbo. Vintage one is too boxy.
  13. New caviar jumbo..
  14. I'll say caviar jumbo.

    Just because i prefer caviar leather for its resilience.