Vintage Kooba

  1. I had to show pics of my new Kooba. Or New "Old" Kooba and I guess not technically "vintage". I saw this bag on eBay and I can't put a name on it (Anyone know??). It has the Crinkled leather AND side buckles of my Brooklyn and Tatum (2005) but has the Kooba imprinted inner lining instead of suede.
    It's a Patent leather Green leather in a tote style. The bag was rough. I bought it knowing that and the seller was more than wonderful with extra pics but she didn't know much about the bag and the bag sounded like it was in pretty good shape. I was so disappointed when I got it. It was very dry and stored flat. Leather starting to crack in places. I paid 96.00 but the seller refunded me more than half for it (so I paid 40.00)and I told her I was going to try to clean and condition it.
    The first time I cleaned it the color started really coming out on it. After 3 cleanings, conditioning, and tightly stuffing it, I got the bag in shape. It is starting to look great. I am going to condition it again.
    The first pic of her is the auction pic. Then the next ones are mine after fixing her up.





    Anyone know the name or date of this bag????
  2. Wow, that's really a huge difference in color in the "after" pics. Nice work! I love that color, olive maybe? It goes with everything!

    I have no idea about this bag's history though... I hope you're able to find some answers on here. Good luck!
  3. Lexie, why don't you email those photos directly to Kooba customer service and have them tell you which bag it is. Just a thought!:yes:
  4. I just want to say that I LOVE her! Beautiful.
  5. I wrote to Kooba but there is no where to include pics, just an insite message box. Has anyone had kooba help them with this stuff. I bet they don't answer mail. Can you imagine how many letters a day they must get asking for authenticity.
  6. You aren't asking for authenticity though-you just want the style name don't you?:yes:
  7. Sorry can't help w/ the style name, but I do think it's a great bag. Good job w/ the conditioning btw!
  8. It looks so much better. You did a good job with the conditioning and stuffing. You would never know it was an older bag. :smile:
  9. Yes, I'm sure it's authentic but I just don't know whether to expect an answer or not. I wish somewhere online we could see all the old years styles, colors, etc.
    It's a darling bag and really roomy. I just love some of the older Koobas. I think it was 98 when they got started. Anything before 2005 is too primitive for me..LOL

    I found this little article in case anyone is interested in the history.

    Smart Set: Kooba
    When Abbe Held decided to launch her own line after ten years in the business side of fashion, working in sales at DKNY and at the helm of a midtown showroom, she took on a trusted partner -- her mom, Bonnie (Kooba is Bonnie's maiden name). "My mom and I were accessory addicts," says Abbe. "So I said, 'Oh, it'll be fun, let's make some bags.' " Suddenly, Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys -- the same vendors Held sold to in her showroom days -- were not only placing sold-out orders for Kooba's signature gold-studded leather numbers but asking to see the next collection. "We looked at each other like, 'Next collection?' " says Held. Now, two years later, their houndstooth doctor's bags and rabbit's-fur messenger bags have made Kooba a boldfaced brand. As for the family partnership, "we're still speaking," says Abbe, "so I think it's going pretty well."
  10. Kooba is the worst when it comes to customer service I find.
    I've written them twice and the first time I got no response, the second, was very unhelpful and completely missed the point of my question.

    I wouldn't hold my breath.
  11. That is unfortunate. You know when you call, you are calling online help, not corporate. They don't give out the latter's number ...
  12. That old Kooba looks abit like a Balenciaga in style. I really like it!
  13. pretty sure that is the Kooba Shelby -- I know it's from late 2004...I was a huge Kooba fan back then!

    Unfortunately I haven't liked any of their newer styles nearly as much as the old ones!
  14. So THAT'S where the name "Kooba" comes from. I always wondered about that. :wondering
  15. I wrote and asked them if they had a black Marcelle somewhere around and they sent me back a form letter that didn't address my question at all.