Vintage Kooba, name that bag!

  1. I just purchased this vintage Kooba on eBay. The seller said she got her on eBay new back in 2004. (yeah, yeah, I know about the ban, I forgot it momentarily)

    Photos are below and I think the lining is really hippy like, rather fun for a little Summer bag. I love little satchels so will use her alot.

    Does anyone know the style of this Kooba?
    tan-vintage-kooba.jpg tan-vintage-kooba-interior.jpg vintage-kooba-backview.jpg
  2. I just realized that the back view of that Kooba looks a tad like a BBag twiggy.

    I suppose styles are borrowed throughout the industry, just the norm.
  3. Hey, that's really cute with the little pockets in front. No, I can't help you out with a name but I'm pretty sure that a certain "Kooba Queen" will have an answer. Congratulations on your new Kooba addition. (or should I say addiction?)
  4. That is CUTE!

    I'll bet you got a great deal, too.

    ps-I'm missing my Jillian & still awaiting an answer from Kooba about her. Does anyone have a direct line to customer questions?
  5. That is a cute one!

    Salesrep, you don't really have to stick to your ban, do you? :devil:
  6. Rosen,

    I LOVE your/my Jillian and have carried her since she arrived. For those of you who don't know, I bought Rosen's Jillian in black. I can fit so very much into her tummy, she pooched out like I do when I eat too much ice cream. *s

    And KoobaLover, about the purse ban, you are of NO HELP WHATSOEVER. *grins*
  7. Wow, this is an oldie. It looks slightly like the Kim but I know it's not. That lining takes it back more. I am no help here.

    Wonder who bought that Crackled Green Bag that is the Big sister to my Bridget. It went way up in price.
  8. Yeh, I noticed that. Didn't it go for somewhere around $260.00 something? It wasn't me...
  9. I had so many compliments on her (and a lot more admiring looks), but she didn't really go with my lifestyle. I really needed a hand's free shoulder bag, but i miss her.

    Now, I have no black bag but I'm seriously considering giving a black Sienna a try, since Lexie and others say that they normally don't squeek like my stiff Scarlett did.
  10. Yeah, yeah..:rolleyes:
  11. oh fun fun and more fun. thats a cute one there, and that lining is To Die For! i know there is some lining club out there in the handbags and purses section, check it out ;) ppl will dig that one. it's perfect for summer!!!