Vintage Kelly

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  1. I just purchased a fabulous vintage Kelly...1955--I've been calling it the "pre-Kelly Kelly." It's rouge H calf leather and really stunning...well, until you look at it closely.

    The good: the purse doesn't appear to have been carried much at all...just sat in its little dust bag.

    The bad: the handle needs replacing, and the leather needs a good conditioning.

    The ugly: the sides under the flap are coming apart. And not just at the seam.

    The question: can they do anything? I mean, besides replacing the leather itself? This would require replacing the entire back panel...

    I am taking it to Hermes to be shipped to Paris, but I've just gotten the bag so I'm upset about being away from it for 6+ months! And, I have no idea of the I in for thousands of dollars of repairs if they can even fix it?

    You ladies have so much more knowledge than I...please help! I was a Lambertson Truex devote for years and have just delved into Hermes and am out of my depth.
  2. First of all, congratulations on your purchase! A rouge H boxcalf Kelly is a true classic and I would love to see a picture of this vintage darling. Second, you should definately check out the thread by our resident restoration expert, Docride's She has a lot in there about restoring vintage bags. I have never done it myself, but several other ladies on this board have, and with great success. I think it really depends on the severity of the cracking and dryness of the leather. Handles can be replaced and loose stitches resewn, but cracked leather cannot be completely repared. Again, definately post a pic if you are comfortable and be sure to enjoy your new baby!
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    Okay, here are pictures. Unfortunately, taken from my cell phone as my digital camera is broken. I've tried to take pictures of the damage. Any help would be appreciated! In the meantime, I will check out the thread you suggested. :smile:
  4. Congratulations on your new baby!

    I have some vintage Kellys, so here are my thoughts for what they are worth, fische is right that much can be done, new handle, leather conditioning, restitch etc but cracking leather is another matter regrettably. Having said that Hermes may be able to make the bag look much better and give you advice on arresting further degradation of the leather. So I would advise letting a Hermes artisan look her over so they can suggest a plan of action, then once you get her back wear and enjoy with care - and keep her dry.