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  1. Well let's try this again, I don't know how to blog so I posted in wrong spot. I guess I'm never going to get my question answered. If this is the right spot, I am trying to find out what my vintage 1960 Hermes Kelly bag is worth to get it insured. It is in great shape and it is a larger size, about 14 inches x 10x5, it is (tan)gold color. thanks for any help out there for the technically challenged. I tried to attach a picture but it says it's too big? any help is appreciated!
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  3. Welcome katherin_payne, hopefully dressage queen will see this thread, she will know.
  4. Hi there,
    Without a pic, I will just ask some questions to help you determine an insurance value. First and foremost in determining value is whether it's in great shape with all the bits and pieces (lock, keys, clochette). Next is, are you intending to insure it for replacement value, as in, the cost of a new Kelly? Or would your policy cover "like for like" meaning that you could replace it with a Kelly of the same vintage if it were to be damaged/destroyed?
    If it's "like for like", as I am sure you know, that's a very subjective thing. I have bought vintage Kellys from the 60s for as little as $900, and bought them for as much as $3000. It depends on myriad factors including color, condition, provenance, leather (though yours is almost certainly box) etc.
    If you want to insure it for its replacement value only (which is MUCH simpler!) then a new Kelly runs a bit under $6K plus tax in the US.
  5. The lock and keys are there, here is a photo (at bottom), take a look and let me know what you think, thanks
  6. Hi, we need more detailed photos please. Handles, corner, back, front, inside, etc. pp. And it would be great if the pics were bigger.