Vintage Kelly worth restoring?


Feb 24, 2017
Hi Ladies! I chanced upon this vintage Kelly 35 in a high end consignment shop in Paris. I am considering of getting it although it would need a lot of restoration work (cracked handles, painted lock, etc). Is it this one still work buying considering the flaws and impending restoration work? She’s under € 1700 which i think is quite the catch!



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Jul 14, 2017
It depends on the outcome you expect. Cracked parts cannot be restored, depending on how deep they are, and are likely to worsen over time. I would only let the Hermès spa work on my bags, so make sure it hasn’t been repainted or worked on previously outside of the H spa. Potentially adding a strap, replacing the lock, keys etc. can be a costly undertaking, so make sure you have fallen in love with this piece and not just with the price. Otherwise it might make more sense investing more in a Kelly that’s in slightly better condition.


Sep 9, 2020
It looks like it has been painted, which would explain the lock, in which case you could not take it to Hermes spa.
That's what I thought, I'd only let Hermès do work on the bag, because at some point you might want or have to replace a part. And they won't take your bag if someone else has repainted it. I'd be careful...


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Apr 9, 2013
Honestly I’ve been there and I really wouldn’t! I purchased a Kelly four years ago for a similar price that needed a replacement handle along with some other spa work. The bag you’ve pictured looks like it wouldn’t be worked on by Hermes possibly anyway as they won’t touch something that has been altered.
But just to give you an idea I’ve posted my spa quote (from four years ago so prices may have changed) below. The prices are in GBP. I had the work done, got the bag back and then having learned a little more in the meantime, realised that the leather really was cracking along the flap and side panels and wasn’t really suitable at all for any proper usage. Needless to say I sold it at quite a loss once you take the spa cost into consideration. My advice would be to wait, save a bit more and buy something without all the issues!

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Sep 2, 2006
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May 4, 2013
Location, Location, Location
Me thinks it was a black box Kelly at one time evidenced by the Sangle and a few other places that being said....pass.
I’m sad for this Kelly, it’s been painted and altered resulting in less chance of finding a forever home.
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