Vintage Kelly Question

  1. Hi all. Just like to check....about how much would a vintage kelly (1974) be worth? Say if it's in relatively good condition for its age. I love antiques and vintage items..I find that they have more character but not sure what's a reasonable price to pay for a vintage kelly.

    Do Hermes items retain their value much? Thanks in advance!;)
  2. I have never bought or sold one, maybe look at the reputable ebay resellers posts, see if one matches your quality or description, that may give you an idea. Alot of ladies collect the vintage style so I will go out on a limb and say maybe $ 2500-4000? depending on quality.
  3. Ava's pretty on target there!
  4. Oh I am so glad you chimed are the expert, just did not want to put it on your shoulders! ...and thanks:shame: ...
    learning something from your posts!:yes:
  5. Ava.....:flowers:
  6. Thanks! By the way...which year did Hermes start the Hermes Paris Made in France stamp? I saw a few which only has HERMES made in France stamp...Are those only before 1980? I saw a X in a circle which I believe is 1994 that already has Made in France as well.
  7. I am not sure of that... I think late 70's early 80's? Help!:shrugs:
  8. From what I've garnered, the made in France stamp started to appear around 1970.