Vintage lizard?

  1. I've notice that may of you have gorgeous vintage Kellys in box and :drool: crocs. Wondering if anyone has a vintage Kelly lizard? I've noticed that they go for about $6000-6500. Is that the average going price? How do they hold up? I noticed some concern for the lizard wallets on some of the other threads.
  2. POTIRON......I have both Box and Croc Kelly's and to tell the truth I think it's more a matter of preferance....I don't care for lizard as much as Croc and if I'm going to spend $6K I might as well bump it up for what I truly love, KWIM? Also, I'm a little wary of old lizard as they tend not to hold up as well as least this is what I understand from reading other posts and chatting with other ladies about it.
  3. Oh shopmom, thank you so much for you help. I do find alot of the exotics so hard to resist and I think having a vintage one would make it even sweeter! You definite have a point about the $ vs the durability of the skin. I guess I will patient wait for a vintage croc Kelly...
  4. Potiron.....I think if you keep your eyes peeled you should be able to find one that you fall in love'll take a little time but then when you finally get her, you will love her forever. Trust me!
  5. Potiron,

    I don't have much experience with lizard, but I've seen black lizard vintage bags up close, and it's not a pretty sight. The lizard skin seems to dry out so much more than crocodile. There's an adorable vert anis lizard tiny kelly on eBay at the moment, but as much as I love the color, I'm sad to think what it will look like in 10 years! But, I don't know for sure. Perhaps someone who's taken very good care of her lizard items could tell you that it doesn't. Good luck and please keep us posted!:smile: :heart:
  6. Slightly OT--There is a Vintage Lizard Kelly on LZ that has been discounted. It looks good IMO.
  7. Potiron, I'm dying for a lizard-something too, but have reservations about the maintenance. Perhaps you could chat to your store SA about it and enquire more about the skin's upkeep etc especially the vintage ones. Also check if the craftsman can restore lizard and if so to what extent. I think this is the best way to keep yourself informed of the downside/benefits of lizard before you make that purchase.
  8. Thank you for your thoughts everyone. My SA told me not to worry about lizard and that it ages beautifully without doing anything. I do have a Bearn lizard wallet and it is holding up nicely but I have only had it for a short while...I guess time will tell. A handbag, I think, would be whole different issue. I like shopmom's thoughts about going for the croc (less fears about its maintenance) if your gonna spend the $$$.