vintage Kelly- how far is too far?

  1. Just out of curiousity, if i purchased this Kelly, how much would Hermes be able to refurbish it? It looks fairly beat up but salvagable. i think it would be nice to have a vintage Kelly. something romantic about that. ideally, i want a brand new one in white or an equally in your face shade, so we shall see.
  2. Doesn't look too beat up to me. I'm sure Hermes can do something about it.
  3. I think it looks stunning!
  4. it is really nice, but i dont think it's "wear ready". i'd feel like i just stole it from my grandmother's attic. i would send to H to have the leather reconditioned and possibly the hardware replaced, depending on if its current hardware has character or just looks old and worn. i'm just wondering how far they can take this bag..could it leave Paris looking brand new or will the leather still look worn in certain places?
  5. Croissant.......I would ask for better close up shots of this bag. If there is any cracking of the leather, I'd pass.
  6. good idea shopmom! :smile:
  7. IMHO I would pass on this bag. I've seen other vintage bags from reputable sellers from the 50's and 60's in way better condition than this bag.It's not the worst I've seen but its not that great either. Another bag will come along that you KNOW is right when u see it!!!
  8. Looks like the bag has some "cracks" on the leather from age or humidity (near the clasp/hardware). Am not sure if Hermes can fix those. I brought a vintage trim once to Claude - Hermes NYC for refurbishing. He told me he can make my bag look nicer but he can't perform miracles so the wrinkles (small cracks) in my bag remained. I would pass on this bag...
  9. I would stay away, the leather is quite cracked. I have seen better vintage bags in 'take-me-out-to-town' condition.
  10. ITA!!! Croissant pm me if u want to see a bag from the 60's in "take me out to town" condition!
  11. Croissant, interesting thread indeed, this is the kind of question I have always wanted to do about vintage bags.

    Shopmom, this is VERY interesting. Could you describe more precisely the cracking concept? Do you have some pics of a too cracked box/leather? (You know sometimes pics just do things that words can't describe) :confused1:
  12. thanks everyone!! you get what you pay for i guess...
  13. I've seen better vintage so unless the price is truly great, I would give it a miss...
  14. Hermes cannot fix cracks on the leather. It's black so I am sure it's hiding more flaws than the pictures are showing. I would pass on it as well. ;o)
  15. ok you wanted cracking....

    my 1950's kelly in dire need of some TLC.. the rest of my bags look normal, honest. just to illustrate this bag has already been back to hermes for TLC but if the cracking is too bad eventually the top shine will start to wear off again (boo hoo):confused1:
    IMG_0067.JPG IMG_0160.JPG IMG_0161.JPG